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Tuesday October 16, 2018

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Strengthening Indian Air Force

Author: TEAM DSA

In the current scenario to strengthen the Indian Air Force for the national security, the Indian government and the Indian Air Force stands committed. The requirements of the force have increased multi-fold since its inception. A holistic overview of the capabilities and the process for strengthening the Indian Air Force, the Chief of Air Staff speaks with Team DSA on the occasion of 86th year of its inception.

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India’s Aviation Technology Growth Strategy

Author: Air Mshl Anil Chopra (Retd)

India is already developing an exo-atmospheric kill vehicle that can be integrated with the missile to engage satellites. India’s advanced space capabilities need to be harnessed. India is moving reasonably ahead with ‘nonweapon space enablers’ like Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System (NAVIC). It will also facilitate accurate targeting by smart bombs and cruise missiles. The military doctrine of network-centric warfare also relies heavily on the use of high speed satellite enabled communications. But India has been floundering in making an aircraft jet or even a piston engine.

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India – Space Militarisation

Author: Gp Capt AK Sachdev (Retd)

China occupies the foremost place in India’s psyche and its might in space is a cause for concern. India’s stealing a march in space by its Mars initiative would definitely be seen by China with acrimony, especially as its performance in space is laudable and it has been ahead of India in moon and manned missions.

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Air Power in India

Author: Dr Krzysztof Kuska

Ditching this project and relying only on foreign fighters might have tragic consequences for the future of the whole country. To be clear, we are not saying that India should stop buying Western aircraft. It should continue on this path but at the same time develop its projects. It is a pity that the next generation fighter project that was supposed to be developed jointly with Russia was ended. One can only assume that looking from inside, the reasons were very good to ditch it, but this brings even more pressure on the Tejas project as now being the sole Indian project.

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Author: Mukund Puranik

India’s approach is very much right to go ahead with Rafael under present circumstances. In other words, it is preferable to get readymade house because of known price and immediate use than a house under construction with possibilities of time and cost overruns especially while competing with others.

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