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Sunday October 04, 2015

Current Issue: September 2015

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Editor-in-Chief Manvendra Singh

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Inimical Neighbours

Pakistan can now be relied upon to continue stoking the disaffection in Kashmir in the confident belief that the Kashmir police and Indian state’s disproportionate response will continue pushing the state closer to a new uprising. India will not relinquish control of Kashmir and, under the Doval doctrine of ‘offensive defence’ will be increasingly tempted to launch conventional military strikes across the LoC or international border.


Changing Dimensions of Social Security

World famous Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier had planned the layout of Chandigarh on invitation from Jawaharlal Nehru. The quality of life of its inhabitants was the prime concern for Nehru at that time. It is the same for the ‘smart city’ proponents too. To this end Le Corbusier made self-sufficient neighbourhood units placed along the curvilinear roads with cluster type housing, markets and centrally located open spaces. This ensured that inhabitants did not have to drive long for work, schooling or for shopping. There were no slums, power cuts or water shortage in that city when this writer first visited in 1960. Presently all these urban problems are endemic there because of poor city administration and large influx of outside population. There is almost 100 per cent possibility that the same fate may befall on the new ‘smart cities’ too.



BSF - Role and Challenges

Raised on 01 December 1965, the Border Security Force is one of the most versatile forces capable of functioning in diverse terrain and climate both in times of war and peace. The world’s largest border guarding force, BSF has been entrusted with the responsibility of guarding almost 2,300 km of the Indo-Pak Border on the west and the entire 4,096 km of the Indo-Bangladesh border on the eastern side. BSF is also tasked and committed to tackle the menace of transborder smuggling of narcotics, contraband and weapons besides checking of infiltration of terrorists and influx of migrants on the border at all times. Further, BSF has also been assigned the task of anti-Naxal operations, maintaining peace and law and order during agitations, elections and pilgrimages like the annual Amarnath Yatra etc.


Future Cop: Humane – Tech-Savvy – Lethal

The internal security of the country faces great challenges from terrorists, both domestic as well as transnational. These terrorists are not only interested in perpetuating individual incidents – their objective and target is to destroy India as a whole. That is why they have been targeting institutions and cities which symbolise the strength and diversity of the country.


CISF: Role and Challenges

Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) was raised in the year 1969 to protect and safeguard the Public Sector Undertakings. Over a period of time, the CISF has emerged as a specialised force shouldering pivotal responsibility in securing some of the most critical infrastructure of the country in the public/joint/private sector establishments in a befitting manner.


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