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Wednesday November 26, 2014

Current Issue - Nov' 2014

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Northeast India - The Way Ahead

Author: LT Gen. Karan Yadava PVSM, AVSM, VSM (Retd.)
There seems to have been a total failure to recognise the historical, social and cultural factors leading to a lack of political will. The combination of these factors led to an influx of foreigners, economic deprivation and social insecurity. Bangladeshi migrants have become a deciding factor in the region’s politics.


Looking Beyond - The Insurgencies

Author: Vikram Sood
It was a matter of time before local aspirations erupted into insurgencies with the Nagas, Mizos, Kukis, Meiteis and later the Assamese and Bodos seeking their own redress. The relationship between the Bengali Hindu and Assamese Hindu and the Bengali Muslim and the Assamese Muslim was always a complicated one that also had overlaps with the local versus the outsider issues. No insurgency in the region is common to the other and there was going to be no single solution to these problems.


The Naga Insurgency

Author: HN Das
During the inter-world-war period (1919-1939) the British Governors of Assam and Burma had planned a big crown colony consisting of all Naga areas of India and Burma. This scheme was first mooted by JH Hutton, the then Deputy Commissioner of Naga hills district and supported by Robert Neil Reid, the then Governor of Assam. It was later revived by the then Assam Governor Andrew Clawaround 1941-44. It was supported by the Constitutional expert Reginald Coupland. If this scheme had been implemented the British would have retained their hold on a huge tract of strategically located land.


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