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Monday February 18, 2019

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Editor-in-Chief Manvendra Singh

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Publisher and CEO Blog Pawan Agarwal
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Can It Make The Grade?


India needs to shed the mantle of being the biggest arms importer in the world. It is not sufficient to possess the fourth largest air force in the world and still be dependent on other countries for the fighting equipment. International geopolitics has a nasty reputation of being unpredictable. We don’t want to be choked (sanctions) when we most want the morsel (arms). The development of an indigenous aerospace industry must be given the highest priority.

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Tejas- A Success Story?

Author: Brig Dr Anil Sharma (Retd)

Overview of project LCA and its viewing in comparison with development of similar aircraft by major foreign countries brings out that Tejas, actually, has been a unique Indian success story on all counts, be it time, cost and most importantly, its technological superiority. It also has a tremendous export potential that must be tapped to the fullest.

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Challenges and Options

Author: Air Mshl Anil Chopra (Retd)

The fact that India is still struggling to get Final Operational Clearance for the base LCA model indicates that there is need for external help. Joint ventures or technology transfers are essential for the engine, active electronically scanned array radar and electronic warfare systems. Also, we will require help to handle complex aerodynamic configuration and stealth of the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft. There is a need to accept reality and raise the hands rather than carrying on ‘hit and trial’ and invite serious delays and cost overruns. Time to act is now.

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A Curse On The Northeast

Author: Monalisa Gogoi

After accepting the burden of illegal migrants up to 1971, Assam is not ready to accommodate a single citizen after the cut-off date, 24 March 1971.

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Time For India To Review

Author: Maj Gen Ashok Hukku (Retd)

As an aspiring regional power, India must be able to effectively exert its influence by making a meaningful contribution to a peaceful resolution of the Afghan crisis. A fresh and bold diplomatic initiative by New Delhi is the urgent need of the hour. For India, the window to seize the opportunity is small, procrastination or laissez faire will be at its own peril.

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