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Thursday September 03, 2015

Current Issue: August 2015

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Editor-in-Chief Manvendra Singh

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Battle of ASAL UTTAR

Despite heavy enemy fire for long spells, Lt Col Caleb exercised his command with calmness and fortitude and inspired his officers and men to fight against the enemy fearlessly. In this action 15 enemy Patton tanks were destroyed and nine others which were in good working condition were captured. His cool courage, leadership and foresight contributed greatly to this outstanding success.


The INDO-PAK War of 1965 by Gen S Roychowdhury PVSM, AVSM (retd)

in the opinion of some, the 1965 indo-Pak War was a pointless stalemate. Others feel that India achieved its strategic aims by breaking the taboo on crossing international borders and established a historical precedent for strategic decision-making which paid rich dividends in 1971. The master sequence can be said to have been initiated almost from 1963 onwards, on a staggered dateline commencing with the Moe-e-Muqaddas riots in Srinagar in 1963 with the ultimate finale at the Tashkent Declaration on 10 January 1966.



The Elusive CDS by Air Chief Marshal PV Naik PVSM, VSM (retd)

More than a decade after Kargil Group of Ministers’ recommendations, many of the decisions with the exception of the most crucial one ─ that of the appointment of a CDS ─ have been implemented. the CDS envisaged as a single-point military adviser continues to remain elusive mainly because there is no political or military consensus and the bureaucracy is happy to play along.



State Of The Two Armies by Lt Gen Satish nambiar PVSM, AVSM, VRC (retd)

Though the outcome of the 1965 War cannot be considered an outright victory for the indian Armed forces, it went a long way in restoring the pride, confidence and self-esteem of the forces that had taken a battering in 1962. It also restored the image of the forces in the eyes of the general public. As a consequence, indian Army units responded with added determination to the provocations along the Ceasefire line in Jammu and Kashmir in later years, at nathu la Pass in 1967, in securing the outstanding victory in 1971, at Sumdorong chu in 1987 and most recently during the Kargil operations.


Jammu & Kashmir - The Bone of Contention by Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, SM, VSM & BAr (retd)

the one major lesson which must go down for posterity with the indian security establishment is the fact that Pakistan was, is and will always remain obsessed with J&K. Its acts to initiate and secure a military advantage will never be dictated by a sense of rationale and deniability is something it has mastered. The irrational is something that we can always expect which makes the task of defence of J&K that much more challenging.



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