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Wednesday January 17, 2018

Current Issue: December 2017


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Editor-in-Chief Manvendra Singh

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Sanctioned Acquisitions On Hold

Author: Ranjit B Rai

The 21st century is predicted to be a predominantly Maritime Century and the centre of gravity of the world’s economy and power has shifted East with the rise of China and India. This places India geographically between the USA a super power with entrenched interests in the East which is now India’s defence partner, and the rising aggressive power China challenging it. Despite progress in India, the realisation has to still come among sea blind Indians that any disruption will be harmful to the world but catastrophic for India which lies in the centre of the trade routes


PINAKA: A Glorious Work In Progress

Author: Team DSA

The Pinaka multi-barrel rocket is, by now, a totally Indian product and represents the quintessence of the policy that intended that all products procured from abroad and manufactured under licence in India should in the first instance create a “self reliance” which nullifies the effect of embargoes and sanctions initiated by producer nations to impose their will on India. This state of “self reliance” was to be converted to total “self-sufficiency” through innovation and ”leapfrogging” technology


Current Need Of The Hour

Author: Cecil Victor

The Indian Navy eventually made out a case for the induction of either 12 or 18 “flying boats”. For partly geo-strategic reasons – underpinning the emerging ties with Japan – as well as the acknowledged capabilities of the aircraft, India chose the Japanese ShinMaywa US-2i. India took the government-to-government route to cut the time taken by the global tender process and set aside qualms about “the single vendor” situation that could attract allegations of favouritism


Aviation MRO In The Making

Author: Team DSA

Today the show is more commercial, as commercial aviation business has increased. Al Makhtoum airport will soon become operational and the large spaces and the hangars and buildings that are coming up fast around it, are being planned as a maintenance, repairs and overhaul (MRO) and an aviation hub of the future for the burgeoning aviation business which is growing at 6.9 per cent in the East and only 3.6 per cent in the West. India has been slow to set up large MRO facilities despite many plans


Brahmastra Of Sorts

Author: Diana Mehra

In the context of the recent stand-off with the Chinese at Doklam on the Bhutan border, a Sukhoi armed with the BrahMos cruise missile would decimate huge chunks of the vaunted infrastructure on the Tibetan plateau thereby significantly reducing the Chinese ability of fighting a sustained campaign against India – a fact that would be construed around the world as a defeat for the militarily superior Chinese People’s Liberation Army


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