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Friday July 03, 2015

Current Issue: June 2015

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Editor-in-Chief Manvendra Singh

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Publisher and CEO Blog Pawan Agarwal
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Exclusive Interview His Excellency Patrick Suckling High Commissioner Of Australia To India

Author: Exclusive Interview High Commissioner, Australia
His Excellency Patrick Suckling has been High Commissioner to India since January 2013. Previous overseas assignments include Washington (2003-2007) and New Delhi (1997-1999). Between 2009-2011 he managed international issues for two Prime Ministers of Australia, encompassing foreign, economic and international aid policy. He has combined foreign policy with trade and economic policy throughout his career. He joined the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in 1994. He holds a Master of International Relations from Monash University and honours degrees in economics and English literature from the University of Sydney. He also holds a graduate diploma in Hindi from Sydney University.



Central Government Funding For Modernisation Of State Police Forces

Author: GK Pillai
Technology has taken giant strides in the last two decades and if less than 10 per cent of the Police Force underwent refresher courses in their entire career, then the bulk of the police force had become obsolete. This could be seen in the lack of scientific investigation of crimes and traffic accidents and consequent low conviction rates.



Aerial Policing For Securing Smart Cities

Author: Air Marshal Anil Chopra PVSM, AVSM, VM, VSM (Retd)
A big advantage from aerial policing is the reduced requirement for manpower. On the spot policeman who is often considered a corrupt nuisance can now be deployed for other duties. VVIP route sanitization would not require 1,000 policemen any more. Aviation may come to the rescue of India’s dismal population-to-police ratio of 130 to every 100,000.



Community Policing And Homeland Security Lessons From The USA Experience

Author: Satyajit Mohanty IPS
The threat of terrorism and extremism posing concomitant threats to the internal security of the nation has never been so challenging since independence as has been the case in past one decade or so. In addition to the equipping and training the State Police and Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) to enhance their operational capabilities, there is a need to integrate Community Policing into the organisational philosophy as studies world over have proved that when the community becomes the co-producer of safety and security along with law enforcement agencies, it contributes to national security.



Police Community Relations A Bridge Too Far?

Author: Dr MZ Khan
Governed by the Police Act of 1861, police organisation smacks of colonial hangover: It was meant primarily to control subject people, rather than to serve the people. May it be noted that Model Police Act, put together in 2006, underlines community participation (Sec 102) and provides for ‘PS Community Liaison Group’, ‘Village Guard’, ‘Village Defence Party’, ‘Citizens’ Policing Committee’ etc. Pity that the ‘model’ is yet to be adopted and implemented anywhere, in any State or Union Territory.



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