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Tuesday May 30, 2017

Current Issue: May 2017


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Editor-in-Chief Manvendra Singh

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Asymmetry A Guarantee Against Annihilation

Author: Anu Sharma

To maintain the peace and stability in the region, Israel should make its nuclear arsenal public in order to curb nuclear proliferation in the region. Many analysts have suggested that in order to achieve this, Israel’s denuclearisation should come first to achieve peace.


Doctrinal Feature of ‘Unacceptable Damage’

Author: Manisha Chaurasiya

The health of nuclear deterrence is dependent on the conviction and resolution of the promised. The pledge to cause punitive or massive damage in the second strike is only inresponse of a first nuclear strike launched by the adversary.


Past, Present And Future

Author: Dr BB Singh

Violation of the US Hyde Act of 2006 may lead to total collapse of the Indo-US Civil Nuclear Cooperation which actually is the very foundation of the NSG waiver allowing India to enter into nuclear trade internationally.


Variations On A MAD Philosophy

Author: Dr Rajiv Nayan

The ‘No First Use’ has outlived its utility. India may have a nonaggressive doctrine but it is useful and effective for its security. It can replace ‘No First Use with a better formulation. A strong signal accompanied with the required action needs to go to Pakistan to stop nuclear blackmail. The time to call the nuclear bluff has come.


Deterrence In Emerging World Order

Author:  Prof Tej Pratap Singh

Nuclear weapons cannot be disinvented and so any effort for a nuclear free world will not succeed. Nuclear weapons can be controlled and managed but cannot be eliminated. Instead of nuclear disarmament, which is a utopian goal and unrealistic; realists support nuclear arms control, which can effectively manage nuclear arms race and strengthen nuclear deterrence


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