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Friday July 29, 2016

Current Issue: July 2016

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Editor-in-Chief Manvendra Singh

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Unfounded Concerns Over FDI Cap

Author: Maj Gen (Dr) Mrinal Suman AVSM, VSM (Retd)

There are times in the life of a nation when bold policy initiatives can prove vital and decisive for the future of the country. Recent changes pertaining to the policy on FDI in defence were overdue. The current leadership deserves credit for demonstrating readiness and nerve to undertake drastic, innovative and path-breaking reforms.


Asia’s Fading Economic Mojo

Author: John West

There are many “structural reforms” that could also boost Asia’s economic growth potential such as removing domestic barriers to competition, opening up economies to more international trade and investment or investing in R&D to foster innovation.


Asian Century

Author: Dr S Kalyanaraman

A little to the south, where tankers and ships of global trade turn left towards the Indian Ocean, a conflict simmers in Yemen that could spill over its borders, into Saudi Arabia and into the sea. Thus, threatening the world economy on a scale rarely visualised. And in the heart of Asia lies the greatest nation and state, building challenges anywhere in the world, Afghanistan.


The Potential Of The First Baby Steps

Author: Gp Capt AK Sachdev (Retd)

Unquestionably, getting our act together by constructing an environment that facilitates and encourages ‘Make In India’ for the long run and serves national interests of technology transfer in the immediate future, would be the first step towards attaining a global aerospace power status for India in the future.


Fulcrum Of The International System

Author: Dr S Kalyanaraman

Until now, the principal endeavour of India’s foreign policy has been to leverage the conditions of economic interdependence and general tranquility in the Asia-Pacific for fostering closer economic, political and security relationships with all the major players in the region. Such an omnibus approach of developing closer relationships with all the major actors of the Asia-Pacific may; however, neither suffice nor be practicable in the unfolding circumstances of the region’s emerging economic and security rivalries.


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