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Saturday August 23, 2014

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Armed Forces Prepared For Cyber Attacks?

Author: Dr Kamlesh Bajaj
Armed Forces have to accept that cyberspace is a new domain, the way Americans have done. If that be so, it has to be protected much the same way land, air, sea and space are protected. We must be able to defend the Indian cyberspace, equip our forces with defensive and offensive cyberweapons, make them appreciate that cyber is offense dominant and train the forces in cyber warfare. They have to build capabilities in countering cyber espionage and deny the enemy any benefits if it succeeds in breaking defences. In this battle, the Forces need significant support of civilians and the private sector.


Cyberspace - New Frontiers For International Regulatory Framework, Standards And Norms

Author: Dr Amit K Maitra
This article reviews international and Indian strategy and policy initiatives aimed at providing a legal infrastructure for what transpires over the cyberspace. It provides readers with the understanding required to handle delicate legal and definitional issues and concludes by examining the role of the International Humanitarian Law and other UN Conventions in further developing international regulatory framework, standards and norms.


Indian Cyberlaw

Author: Pavan Duggal
The language and scope of legal terms used under Section 66A are very wide and are capable of distinctive varied interpretations. Seen from another angle, Section 66A can be effectively used as a tool for gagging legitimate free online speech. The problem under Section 66A is that it comes up with extremely wide parameters which have not been given any specific definitions under the law. It goes far beyond the reasonable restrictions on free speech, as mandated under Article 19(2) of the Constitution of India.


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