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Friday January 20, 2017

Current Issue: January 2017

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POSTURE AND POLICY- Inadequate Episodic Responses

Author: Lt Gen Philip Campose PVSM, AVSM, VSM** (Retd)

It appeared India was considering a combination of political, diplomatic, economic and military measures as part of a strategy to punish Pakistan and make it roll back its terror policy. The decision to launch ‘surgical strikes’ was borne out of that robust approach and appeared to have achieved its aim. However, since then, there is an apparent weakening of India’s approach, providing space to Pakistan to hit back and dilute India’s professed advantage, as is manifest in attacks like the one at Nagrota. To that extent, it would not be wrong to conclude that our overall response to security threats are lethargic, episodic and highly ‘adhoc’, to say the least.


STRATEGIC RESTRUCTURING- Institutionalised Armed Forces Presence At Strategic High Table

Author: Lt Gen PR Kumar PVSM, AVSM, VSM (Retd)

This paper has focussed on the vital strategic necessity of having a permanent Armed Forces presence in all spheres of national security during peace, crisis and conflict which is currently adhoc and periodic. The Armed Forces must be involved throughout from perspective and contingency planning, war gaming, budgeting, sourcing, modernisation, management and execution for all security crisis and disaster management situations..


HOLISTIC Military Reforms- Security Apparatus

Author: Lt Gen SN Handa (Retd)

The ‘surgical strikes’ of 29 September 2016 are behind us. We must shed all hype over them whether for political mileage or otherwise and look ahead pragmatically to prepare ourselves for even more challenging times. It will be naïve to expect any dramatic shifts in our neighbour’s known behaviour with a mere change in its Army chief. There is a definite need to look ahead into the distant future, identify contingencies and develop suitable response options optimising maximum elements of our national power. A more confident NSA of today must shed past misapprehensions and induct the service chiefs into its midst. Militarily, there is a need to focus on attaining far higher levels of operational preparedness than those obtaining today.


A New Resolve- Hit Back Harder

Author: Maj Gen Dhruv C Katoch SM, VSM (Retd)

Pakistan has a strong army of over half a million and that country will continue with its agenda of ‘bleeding India with a thousand cuts’. Unless it feels the cost of waging such a war is leading to diminishing returns and has exorbitant costs. So, a chance for peace is likely when heavy costs are imposed on Pakistan, which the State would find increasingly difficult to bear. Till then, while not venturing into a military misadventure with India, Pakistan will continue to use terrorists and suicide squads to carry out debilitating attacks against India.


Dealing With Pakistan - India's Policy Options

Author: Ashok Sajjanhar And Anuradha Sajjanhar

Prime Minister Modi’s government has so far acted with exemplary synergy, flair, aplomb and finesse to internationally isolate Pakistan. India needs to improve and step up its vigilance at the borders to make its security foolproof so that no terrorists are able to slip in from Pakistan and accomplish their nefarious designs. Pressure on the diplomatic front for continued isolation of Pakistan needs to be continued and sustained.


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