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Tuesday February 18, 2020

Current Issue: February 2020

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Interview of Sh S S Deswal, DG ITBP with Defence and Security Alert

Author: Team DSA

Sh Surjeet Singh Deswal, IPS, is also a law graduate. Before taking over as DG, ITBP, he held the positions of Commissioner of Police & Director General in various departments of Police force. He has also headed SSB & BSF for some time. He has been awarded the Indian Police Medal for meritorious service in 2001 & President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service in 2012. As DG,ITBP, he has taken initiatives like maintaining physical fitness of the personnel and proposed tourism in the Himalayas and gave the message of clean Himalayas by visiting difficult border areas on foot and boosted the morale of Himveers.

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Too Much Of The Old Persists

Author: Lt Gen Kamal Davar (Retd)

In the current charter issued by the government, big-ticket acquisitions will remain in the defence secretary’s purview and thus final negotiations with foreign collaborators / Indian defence public sector undertakings or Indian private industry rests with the DoD and the defence secretary. Delays as earlier are likely to remain and it is surprising that with “Make in India” and “Start-up India”—the PM’s pet initiatives—have not taken off, yet the government persists in following the old structures.

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Security Complexities For India

Author: Air Mshl Anil Chopra (retd)

Best strategy for India will be to continue to engage Iran on both fronts. Simultaneously, keep seeking concessions from USA for oil trade and Chabahar Port. India could be a more acceptable link between Iran and USA. Any overtures to Iran cannot be at the cost of India’s relations with Saudi Arabia and UAE links to which are even more important currently. In next two decades, the emergence of alternative energy sources will reduce the importance of oil. West Asia will still remain an important trade route to Europe and Central Asia. ‘Wait and Watch’ will be the best policy for India.

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India Can Be Mediator

Author: LT GEN Dalip Bhardwaj (retd)

The US and Iran need a third party mediation to de-escalate the tension and normalise relations. India is a strong contender to take on this mantle and broker peace between the two belligerents. Prime Minister Modi has a strong rapport with President Trump and President Rouhani, and with India, being close to the region with strong cultural and religious ties, it is in our interest that positive steps are taken to bring both the leaders to the negotiating table in New Delhi. Apart from stabilising our extended neighbourhood the strategic gains are immense.

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US-Iran Conflict- Impact On India

Author: Amb Ashok Sajjanhar

Relations between USA and Iran started deteriorating with Trump applying the policy of “maximum pressure” for a regime change in Tehran. Although other Western signatories to the deal viz UK, France and Germany including Russia and China voiced their strong opposition to Trump’s policy and actions, they could do precious little to stop reinstitution of the sanctions against Iran and a stop to oil imports by all countries including India, China and others who had been provided a waiver in the past.

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