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Thursday May 28, 2015

Current Issue - May 2015

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Editor-in-Chief Manvendra Singh

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Make In India A Myth Or Reality

Author: Air Marshal Dhiraj Kukreja (Retd)
In the recent past, the Defence Minister has reversed the decision to procure light utility helicopters (LUH), with the entire lot of 384 machines to be now manufactured indigenously, albeit with foreign collaboration. Similarly, the decision to purchase replacements for the ageing Avro fleet of the IAF has been questioned, as also the follow-on purchase of Pilatus trainer aircraft. Such decisions apart from having their pros and cons have also created an adverse impact on the foreign manufacturers who perceive it as a continuation of being fickle minded.



Welfare Of Defence Personnel New Initiatives By The Modi Government

Author: Lt Gen Satish Nambiar (Retd)
If the Modi government is serious about the welfare of defence personnel there is much that needs to be pursued with vigour on aspects that require little or no financial investment. The military man is not looking for doles from the political dispensation or the country. He is only looking for the government to do its duty.



The Defence Mood Is Positive – Isn’t It?

Author: Maj Gen Raj Mehta (Retd)
A year down the Modi government road, are there acche din for the defence forces to celebrate or, is India unable to separate high rhetoric from delivery? Is ‘Make in India’ the right way ahead or so poorly etched out that each player; actual or potential, views the programme’s outreach as per their convenience? The writer takes a dispassionate look.



One Year Of Modi’s Foreign Policy

Author: Amb Dr Kanwal Sibal
All in all, Modi’s one year at the helm of India’s foreign policy has been very productive. Even as Modi has been making his overall interest in forging stronger ties with China clear, he has not shied away from allusions to Chinese expansionism. In Pakistan’s case, Modi’s sure hand has faltered and we have had flip-flops of policy. India has become more affirmative in its statements about the situation in the Western Pacific and the commonalities of interests between India and the US and other countries in the Indo-Pacific region.



One Year Of Modi Government National Security: Threats And Challenges

Author: Jayadeva Ranade
A key test of the Modi Government will be its ability to get thebureaucracy to shed its lethargy and operationalise these joint ventures within the next couple of years. Failure to do so in this time frame will severely hamper job creation, dent the government’s credibility and impact adversely on other strategic initiatives taken by the Prime Minister over the past year. The diplomatic heft that India has suddenly acquired will also quickly evaporate.



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