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Tuesday July 07, 2020

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Indian Air Force - News are Articles (Anniversary Special)

Airborne Operations by Lt Gen PC Katoch

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Author: Lt Gen PC Katoch, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, VM, SC (Retd)
The mainstays of our paratroop operations from fixed wing aircraft are the An-32, Il-76 aircraft and the C-130s. The recently acquired C-17 Globemaster aircraft are for strategic airlift and not for paradropping in the Tactical Battle Area (TBA).


Naval Aviation – Way Forward by Dr Vivek Lall

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Author: Dr Vivek Lall
Recognising the imperatives of a well-balanced and credible Naval Air Arm’s significant role in building a true blue-water capability, Indian Navy’s Maritime Doctrine has rightly incorporated comprehensive modernisation plan for its Fleet Air Arm through a two-pronged approach. The IN will need to operate a different fighter on its largest carrier, with all the obvious consequences for interchangeability of pilots and aircrew.


Military Helicopters in India - Future Technology by Lt Gen B S Pawar

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Author: Lt Gen B S Pawar, PVSM, AVSM (Retd)
Presently the Indian military holds in its kitty approximately 600 helicopters of all types and class including specialised ones, but majority of these have far exceeded their lifespan. In the light utility category, the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) manufactured Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) has already entered service with the Army, Air Force and Coast Guard.


Air Power is Vital for Asian Security Balance India: Asia’s New Hope? by Dr Satoru Nagao

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Author: Dr Satoru Nagao
The countries around South China Sea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Philippines face a more serious situation. Currently, in South China Sea, China happens to be the only dominant power in the region except US. However, there are two reasons that US air power will not be enough to deter China’s assertiveness in the near future.


Tibet: Water Tower of Asia Riparian Issues by Vinita Agarwal

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Author: Vinita Agarwal
China’s decision to dam all the major rivers originating on the Tibetan plateau has invited strong reactions in various Asian capitals from New Delhi to Hanoi. The best strategy appears to be one of engaging China in a dialogue process and persuading it not to construct dams and diversion projects on Tibetan rivers at the cost of environmental degradation and the livelihood of nearly 2 billion people living in Afghanistan, the Ganga-Brahmaputra-Meghana basin and the Mekong basin countries including Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. Unfortunately, because of the mammoth economic status that China enjoys, every play of the dice is in China's hands, its every roll a six ... the lesser countries are simply too small, too dependent to contradict this flow of events.


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