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Tuesday July 07, 2020

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April 2019

Pulwama: Turning Point

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Author: Col Utkarsh S Rathore (Retd)

Greatest challenge perhaps lies in reversing the effects of radicalisation and bringing back the estranged youth to the mainstream. Banning Hurriyat Conference, Jamaat-e-Islami, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front and others is a step in the right direction.

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Use War By Other Means

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Author: Col Rajinder Singh

India must also tell Pakistan and the rest of the world that Indian administered J&K was non-negotiable. If any talks have to take place, they will be on the vacation of aggression by Pakistan and China which are both in illegal occupation of large chunks of Jammu and Kashmir.

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Relentless Coordinated Effort

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Author: Brig Dr Anil Sharma (Retd)

The quiet periods are often mistaken for success of our policies against terrorists, but the fact remains that we have not been able to prevent, curb or eliminate cross-border terrorism despite employment of very large number of security forces including the Army. We seem to consider reduction in terrorist strikes during certain periods, increase in kill ratios and body counts as sign of success; these often mislead the decision-makers and the people leading to dangerous complacency. All agencies dealing with counter-terrorism should not let down their guard till the time this problem is totally eradicated from the State.

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Dealing With the Terrorists And Pakistan: Options for India

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Author: Prof Arvind Kumar

India will have to work rigorously both at the technological and diplomatic level to promote its interests while dealing with Pakistan. It would not only be for regional interest but also for global interests. India shall also chart out a plan of action for complete de-wahhabisation of Pakistan. It will be possible only with the support from the rest of the world. There are inherent contradictions within Pakistan which India has to understand.

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Author: Lt Gen S N Handa (Retd)

The existing national security structures appear adequate and suitable for facing up to the challenges of a continuing undeclared hybrid war. However, their output will depend a lot on political will to optimally utilise their potential towards safeguarding national security and sovereignty.

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