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Tuesday June 02, 2020

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August 2019

Rebalancing Economic Inequality And Security

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Author: Dr. Rajiv Nayan

The country, which is set on the development path, cannot afford to have a menace like the Naxal movement. Violence not only challenges India’s democratic process but also degenerates to make living conditions of the people of the affected areas extremely uninhabitable. The government needs to strongly curb Naxal violence but at the same time should continue to invest in infrastructure, education, health, skill development, agriculture and so on. A balanced development model will block the feeding of manpower for such violence.

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Red Corridor Hits Dead End

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Author: Col Utkarsh S Rathore (Retd)

In an indicator of the shrinking arc of the Naxal influence, in April 2018, the Ministry of Home Affairs had removed 44 districts (Odisha and Bihar 6 each, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh 3 each, Jharkhand 2 and Maharashtra 1) out of 126 from the list of Left Wing Extremism (LWE) affected districts. The communique said that Naxal presence was confined only to 30 worst-hit districts – Jharkhand 13, Chhattisgarh 8, Bihar 4, Odisha 2, and Telangana, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh 1 each. However, 8 new districts (Kerala 3, Odisha 2, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh 1 each) were added to the list as a pre-emptive step to check any attempts by Naxals to recapture the lost ground.

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Dormant In Parts

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Author: Maj Gen (Dr) PK Chakravorty (Retd)

The Maoist problem is a perennial issue which requires good governance with extremeltient executives in the districts where the tribals are located. The problems would take time to resolve and till then the situation would persist. States must raise forces like Greyhounds of Andhra Pradesh police who have practically paralysed the Maoists in Andhra Pradesh. The main aspect is the issue of leadership.

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Need To Address Socio-Economic Factors

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Author: Prakash Singh

Any assessment that the Naxal problem is going to end in the next few years would be completely misplaced. There are periods when the security forces are able to establish their dominance and the Maoists suffer reverses. The movement, however, always resurrects in a new avatar for the simple reason that the basic socio-economic reasons which gave rise to it and continue to sustain it, remain largely unaddressed.

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Multi-pronged Efforts Needed

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Author: Pawan Agrawal

The Naxalism movement sprang from the cauldron of agrarian unrest in a small village of West Bengal in 1969. Stoked by Communist ideologue, Charu Mazumdar, it pitted the landless tillers of the soil against the wealthy and powerful landlords. It is a measure of the widespread perception of the predatory nature of the state of affairs that in the past 50 years since it was enunciated, Naxalism has spread to large segments of the Indian subcontinent with nexus with other anti-India groups operating on its periphery.

(The Inaugural Edition of Defence and Security Alert (DSA) was focused on the Red Terror highlighting the increasing Menace of Naxalism in the country in October 2009.)

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