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Tuesday June 02, 2020

Stay @ Home For Your Own Security

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Covid-19 Pandemic Update - India and Global

Challenges of Handling Internal Migration due to COVID-19 – Case Study

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Author: Brig (Dr) BK Khanna, SM,VSM and Bar

(The Author, Brig(Dr) BK Khanna is CEO UNDRR ARISE INDIA and Former Founder Senior Advisor and Senior Specialist, National Disaster Management Authority, Govt of India)

(Migrant workers from Maharashtra to Bihar, passing through Hyderabad)

Out of 1.6 billion migrant workers all over the World (which is half of the Work force), India has approximately 140 million migrant workers, out of them 40 million fall in the category of informal sector – construction workers, people working in the industries, mostly MSMEs, people having small businesses like mobile repair shops, cycle repair shops, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, car and air conditioning mechanics, helpers in the houses, etc.  These people mostly belong to 5-6 States of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal and move to green pastures to more developed States, mostly urban metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangluru, Ahmedabad, Surat, Pune, etc. where they can earn more and have better living standards. Most of them fall in the informal sector, with some working in formal sector also


China’s Rising Aggressions May Lead To New Areas Of Confrontation!

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Author: Prof. Sudhanshu Tripathi

(The writer is Professor, Political Science in UPRTOU Allahabad. His book NAM and INDIA was published in 2010/ 2012 and a co-authored text-book Rajnitik Awadharnayein, in 2001.)

As it looks that both China and the US are mutually preparing to face each other into a possible confrontation due to Beijing’s persistence with its forcible capture over entire South China Sea despite losing this claim in the International Court of Arbitration just few years back. Similarly obstructing uninterrupted passage over maritime channels - as China does around South China Sea - is in clear contravention to the International Law which grants Right to Free Passage through sea channels, outside the naval jurisdiction of a country, anywhere in the world. Further China has raised its ongoing aggressive and assertive military activities around South China Sea, which is far away from its own naval jurisdiction, with a view to consolidate its illegal claim over there.


Biological World War III – Its Origin, Implications And Challenges

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Author: Brig (Dr) BK Khanna, SM,VSM and Bar

(The Author, Brig(Dr) BK Khanna is CEO UNDRR ARISE INDIA and Former Founder Senior Advisor and Senior Specialist, National Disaster Management Authority, Govt of India)


Are we already in the midst of Biological World War III, alleged started by China to claim top position in the World Order.  COVID-19 as we all know is playing havoc in over 210 countries, with 5,404,512 positive cases and 3,43,739 deaths so far and still counting ( WHO Situation Report 127 dated 26 May 2020).  We are heading for more than 500,000 deaths in coming months. Worst is, most affected are countries which have best of medical facilities, like USA, Italy, France, UK,  Germany, etc.  COVID-19 has come in avatar (incarnation) of a non-traditional warfare agent and is different from any traditionally fought warfare.  Hence the principles, strategy, tactics, resources and methods of countering COVID-19 have to be squarely different.   Whether the virus was natural or it was created intentionally, its attack is to be characterized as offensive biological act.  It is also being speculated that we have to live with it forever. Are we going to be perpetually at war with this virus? What are going to be changes in our life style and in the warfare?


India Ought To Revive SAARC Or Live With Hostile Neighbours !

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Author: Col. Rajinder Singh

(The Author has authored two books (Kashmir-A Different Perspective and The ULFA Insurgency), he is widely acclaimed for his expertise in the matters of defence and military. An alumnus of NDA, is also a graduate of Defence Services Staff College, Wellington. Many of his articles have appeared in different defence magazines and newspapers.)

China’s aggression on Indian borders is part of a grand design to not only divert US attention from the South China Sea ( SCS) but also to divert public attention from rising calls of democracy in mainland and Hongkong. While this may be the obvious intention but hidden motive is to warn India ‘s neighbours to fall in line with China. The message is : If China can browbeat India , her neighbours are nothing but micro dots on the world’s map. Her hidden ambition is of Chinese expansion into Asia and the rest of the world. It is no less than Hitler’s lebensraum.  It has a multipronged approach to do so—- militarily in SCS, loans to poor Afro - Asian nations and development projects, such as One Belt , One Road (OBOR) .


Safe Life from Biohazards

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Author: Jitendra Singh

(Ex - A. Commandant / CISF, M.Sc. MBA (Spl; Disaster Management), Master Trainer - CBRN Emergencies)



  1. Management of Chemical and Biological agents - DRDE
  2. NBCD - CME
  3. OPCW


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