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Thursday July 02, 2020

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DSA August 2012 - Crafting a Defence Industrial base for India

Defence Procurements, Policy, Procedure, Process and Practice: An Industry Perspective by Cmde Sujeet Samaddar

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Author: Cmde Sujeet Samaddar NM, (Retd)

An invaluable article that provides in-depth research and insights into the defence Procurement Process, Procedures and Practice and provides an industry perspective. The writer contends that the way forward is to promote the Buy and Make Indian procedure to be the default procedure. Buy Global acquisitions should be the last resort as the MoD and the Indian regulatory framework leak like a sieve in the monitoring of offset contracts and no real capacity is being built through this process.



Private Sector and Development of a Vibrant Defence Production Sector by Maj Gen Mrinal Suman

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Author: Maj Gen (Dr) Mrinal Suman AVSM, VSM (Retd)

A highly insightful article on the actual status of the “Holy Grail“ of a DIB in India. Till the opening of the production of components, assemblies and sub-assemblies to the private sector in 1991, defence industry remained the exclusive preserve of the public sector. By 2002, the private sector had emerged as a vibrant and dynamic force, especially in information technology, service sector and manufacturing fields.


Defence Production: Enhancing Public - Private Cooperation by Lt Gen Kamal Davar

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Author: Lt Gen Kamal Davar, PVSM, AVSM (Retd)

Modernisation of its Armed Forces and the timely induction of critical technologies and state-of-the-art equipment in them is sine qua non for National security. This is, however, only possible if the country and its government step aside from the beaten track, courageously infuse a synergistic approach between its non-performing public sector and the grossly unutilised private sector besides encouraging suitable defence majors from friendly foreign countries across the world to set up manufacturing facilities in India. Defence production was, like in most critical areas, entrusted to the public sector as enunciated in the Industrial Policy Resolution of 1948.


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