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Friday January 24, 2020

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December 2010

India’s leadership failure by Vice Admiral Arun Kumar Singh

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Author: Vice Adm (Retd) Arun Kumar Singh

I am no admirer of the late Sir Winston Churchill, whom I have always regarded as a diehard imperialist, unwilling to give independence to India and totally biased against its people and culture. However, Churchill was undoubtedly a great war time leader and given the almost continuous spate of scams, insurgencies, terror threats and external conventional cum nuclear threats from Pakistan-China, there is undoubtedly a need for great Indian leadership, since India is in a state of undeclared war.


South Asia: security imbroglio by Vice Admiral Barry Bharathan

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Author: Vice Adm (Retd) Barry Bharathan

Mohammed Arif Captain, Pakistan Rangers pulls his coat parka tight. He and his men are up in the Siachen glacier at 16,000 feet facing their counterparts. Everything is frozen, bodies, weapons, equipment, minds and hearts. Suddenly a loud speaker crackles from the Indian side ‘Id Mubarrak’. This is not at all strange despite exchange of fire a fortnight ago. Responsibility, resignation, resolve, anger, acceptance are part of the prevailing military ethos in this land.


INDO-US Partnership by K Subhramanyam

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Author: K Subhramanyam

Old beliefs die hard. Though the Cold War ended nearly two decades ago and the security challenges of 21st century are different from those of 20th century and call for new appropriate responses, quite a few commentators and analysts could not free themselves from the Cold War mindset and perceptions in assessing the significance of the Indo-US strategic partnership.

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