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Tuesday July 07, 2020

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December 2019

Pakistan’s Jihadi Proxies

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Author: Cecil Victor

The shift to underwater diver operations is intended to avoid the risk of detection of surface presence. It needs to be remembered that being a marine commando does not preclude him from joining operations on the ground. In fact, it is an added qualification to be able to use the sea or other kinds of water bodies for ingress into land targets using the self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA). This equipment enables the frogman to hide himself by diving down to a depth of thirty feet and allows him to travel submerged up to about a dozen kilometers.

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Emerging Technologies – On-board Use

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Author: Dr Pankaj Jha

Naval modernisation requires a strategic planning and also look for better technological solutions; maintenance schedule through integrated networks so that turnaround time is cut; generating data and maintenance schedule of any new naval platforms so as to know life cycle costs without depending on original equipment manufacturers; augmented reality and simulation need to be integrated in the training schedule of the technicians and engineers so as to know the best utilisation of technologies and reduce the lag time in understanding the advanced platforms. The AI would provide inputs in meeting production efficiency and reducing workload on the ship-builders.

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Horizon From IOR To Indo-Pacific

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Author: Cmde (Retd) Ranjit B Rai

India and Indians need to do more to take more interest in the seas around India and understand the seas and the challenges India faces at sea. If the government does not nurse its navy soon, China’s efforts will be more difficult to challenge in the years ahead. There is talk of a QUAD of US, Australian, Japanese and Indian Navies but India should not expect other navies to replace what India’s Navy has capability to do.

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A National Security Imperative

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Author: Commodore Anil Jai Singh, IN (Retd)

On the indigenisation front too, the desired objective has not been achieved. In the 2006 version of the DPP, a ‘Make’ category was introduced with ambitious plans to develop technologically advanced critical systems within the country by leveraging the nation’s industrial and technological capability. Major programmes like the Future Infantry Combat Vehicle (FICV), the Battlefield Management System (BMS) etc. were initiated with an enthusiastic response from the industry. However, 15 years later, not one single ‘Make’ project has seen light of day despite at least four more iterations of the DPP having been issued in 2008, 2011, 2013 and 2016 with numerous amendments in between. There is now a Make-2 category which is expected to deliver better results.

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Impeccable Naval Force

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Author: TEAM DSA

The establishment of Defence Space Agency (DSA) was approved by the government on 30 October 2018. DSA has been established as the triservices nodal agency that would perform all important functions of coordination of all defence related space activities. The DSA is the first step towards implementation of space programme for the Indian Armed Forces.

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