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Thursday July 02, 2020

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Defence and Security Magazine - EndGame in Afghanistan

Iran’s role in Afghanistan by Dr Ahmad Reza Taheri

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Author: Dr Ahmad Reza Taheri

Perhaps the key to any meaningful Indian role in Afghanistan lies with Iran. Iran alone can provide India access for trade or provision of military support. To that extent it is vital for India to understand the Iranian perspective and thinking on the vital subject of Afghanistan.


EndGame in Afghanistan: India's Stakes and Options by Maj Gen G D Bakshi

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Author: Maj Gen (Dr) G D Bakshi SM, VSM (Retd)

The key to long term success in Afghanistan would hinge upon a successful Afghanisation of the Counter Insurgency campaign. It is here that India can play a very positive role by helping to raise, equip and train minimum two additional Afghan Infantry Divisions and at least an Armoured and Artillery brigade.


Regional Imperatives by Ambassador Rajiv Sikri

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Author: Ambassador Rajiv Sikri

A cogently argued article that analyses the matrix of options for a regional approach to the final outcome in Afghanistan. Reports indicate that the US plans to retain a number of large air bases to be used for combat and reconnaissance aircraft, drones and for electronic surveillance.


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