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Thursday July 09, 2020

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Q: Can anyone write for DSA?
A: Yes, any person who has valid credentials and is a subject expert on defence, security and international relations can contribute to the magazine. The article is subject to the approval of the editorial board.

Q: What is the editorial policy?
A: Article has to be within the word limit of 1500 to 2500 and should be original and unpublished.

Q: Do you pay to your contributors?
A: Yes, an honorarium is paid to the contributor, post the publication of his / her article.

Q: Do you have online edition of DSA?
A: Yes, DSA has an online edition.

Q: Do you bring out special editions or supplements on important topical issues?
A: Yes, DSA does bring out special editions; however, so far no supplements on subjects of national and international importance have been published.

Q: Do you publish pre-published articles in DSA?
A: No, we do not accept and publish pre-published articles.

Q: Do you give complimentary copies to the contributor of an article?
A: Yes, every contributor gets a complimentary copy, once the issue is published.

Q: How many articles are published in each issue of DSA?
A: Generally each issue carries maximum of 15-16 articles.

Q: Do you have any guidelines for the writers to contribute and can I have that for my reference?
A: Yes, we have guidelines which may be provided on request.

Q: Do you accept press releases and publish in DSA?
A: Yes, we do accept press releases and publish them in DSA print edition, subject to the approval of editorial board.

Q: Is DSA a weekly / monthly magazine?
A: DSA is a monthly magazine.

Q: What are the subjects largely covered in DSA?
A: DSA widely covers the range of ‘Defence, security, international affairs, safety, surveillance and developing strategic affairs etc.

Q: Is DSA published in languages other than English?
A: No, DSA is published in English only.

Q: Is there any plan to publish DSA in other Indian and foreign languages? If so when?
A: As of now there is no such plan, however we may think about it sometime in the future.

Q: What is the size and number of pages of each edition of DSA?
A: Print size of DSA is 21x29.5 cms and number of pages is ideally 80 + 4 and could increase, depending upon the subject.

Q: Do you have an advertising policy?
A: Yes, DSA does have an advertising policy which may be provided on request.

Q: What paper is being used for cover and inner pages of DSA?
A: DSA is published on high quality paper of 130 gsm for inner pages and 300 gsm for the cover pages.

Q: Is DSA printed through offset printing process?
A: Yes, DSA is printed through offset printing process.

Q: Who are the readers of DSA?
A: Defence forces, Paramilitary forces, Intelligence agencies, Security organisations, Embassies and high commissions, Corporate houses, Defence and Security industry, Hospitality industry, Cyber security experts, infrastructure industry, Schools, colleges and public libraries, Bureaucrats, Oil and gas industry, Defence institutes and academics etc. in India and around the world.

Q: What is the outreach of DSA among defence and security forces in India and abroad?
A: The outreach of DSA among defence and security forces in India and abroad is excellent.

Q: Is there any Media Kit of DSA available for the advertisers and is it priced?
A: Yes, DSA Media Kit is available free and can be sent on request.

Q: Is DSA available in print edition only or is it available online also?
A: DSA is available in both, print as well as online editions.

Q: Is there a separate Media Kit for the online edition available?
A: Yes, DSA has a separate Media Kit for online edition.

Q: Do you have any discount offers on the multiple insertions in each edition of DSA?
A: Yes, DSA has very attractive offers for its advertisers.

Q: Is there any restriction on number of advertisements being published in each edition of DSA?
A: No, Not really.

Q: Does DSA have an arrangement for the development of artwork for the advertisers?
A: No, advertisers have to provide the artwork for their advertisement.

Q: Does DSA publish the advertorials and interviews? Is it Chargeable?
A: Yes, DSA publishes advertorials and interviews and they are chargeable.

Q: Does DSA give credit to the advertisers on Print and Online editions?
A: No, DSA does not give credit to the advertisers.

Q: Does DSA participate in the national and international events and exhibitions related to defence and security and is the magazine being distributed among the participants?
A: Yes, DSA regularly participates in national and international events and exhibitions and we distribute the magazine extensively in these events and exhibitions.

Q: How many events have been attended by DSA nationally and internationally since its inception?
A: So far, DSA has participated in more than 20 events and exhibitions (nationally and internationally).

Q: In how many events and shows has DSA been media partner?
A: So far, DSA has been media partner in more than 50 events and shows.

Q: Does DSA have any arrangement for content partnership options?
Yes, DSA has an arrangement for content partnership and is already swapping its contents with many leading international online content partners.

Q: Does DSA have EDM options available?
A: Yes, DSA does have attractive EDM options available in its online edition.

Q: Does DSA have any complimentary offers for the advertisers?
A: Yes, DSA has many complimentary offers for its advertisers.

Q: Does DSA have branding options available in print edition?
A: Yes, DSA has many complimentary offers for the advertisers.

Q: Who are the experts writing for DSA?
A: All distinguished writers and experts from Indian defence, police, security, intelligence services including many diplomats and academicians.

Q: What is the cover price of one, two, three years and lifetime subscription of DSA?
A: Cover Price

India & SAARC Rest of the world
One Year INR 1440 US$ 300
Two Years INR 2880 US$ 600
Three Years INR 4320 US$ 900

* DSA does not have any lifetime subscription.

Q: How many issues of DSA are published in a year?
A: DSA is a monthly magazine, so we have 12 issues in a year.

Q: Is DSA available online?
A: Yes, DSA is available online

Q: What is the price of an online edition of DSA for one, two, three years and lifetime subscription?

One Year US$ 20
Two Years US$ 35
Three Years US$ 45

*Indian subscribers may pay in INR as per the prevailing conversion rates.
*DSA does not have any lifetime subscription.

Q: What is the mode of payment for the subscription?
A: Via Cheque, Demand Draft, Debit or Credit Card through Payment Gateway.

Q: Can I make the payments through my Debit Card or Credit card?
A: Yes, you can make payment through Debit or Credit Card.

Q: Do you give some discounts on the cover price for the print edition?
A: Yes, attractive discounts are offered on the cover price.

Q: Is subscription to be paid in advance?
A: Yes, always.

Q: Do you add the shipping charges separately or it is included in the cover price?
A: Yes, shipment charges are added separately and are not included in the cover price.

Q: How much time is taken for shipping the first issue after the subscription is taken?
A: Our subscription department generally takes, 10-15 days after the realistaion of the payment.

Q: How often the cover price of the magazine is revised?
A: Cover prices have not been revised since its inception.

Q: Do you have annual issues like the other magazines and are these differently priced?
A: Yes, DSA has annual issues but their prices are the same.

Q: What happens if I do not receive my subscription copy in time or not at all?
A: Kindly report this to our subscription department within the 20th day of the month and we will trace / re-dispatch your copy.


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