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February 2011

The Russian renascence! by Maj Gen G D Bakshi

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Author: Maj Gen (Retd) G D Bakshi

The world may be moving towards multipolarity but even within the new emerging structure there are seeds of future instability. A resurgent Russia and an emerging India will need to find more stable political / economic / military equations than those that are on the near horizon. An undependable America and a reassertive China have to be managed with great sagacity. It is fortunate for India that the one stable pole is Russia just as it has been through the highs and lows of contemporary history.


Russia China accord: new vision by Prof Anuradha M Chenoy

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Author: Prof Anuradha M Chenoy

Between them, they epitomise the truism that there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies, only permanent interests. Relations between the Russian Federation and China have risen from the dumps of the Soviet era to new heights in the 21st century and yet the full potential is only just being tapped. Both profess multipolarity as the new glue in international relationships.


Russia and US: adversaries of future allies? by Dr Sanjeev Bhadauria

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Author: Dr Sanjeev Bhadauria

Because the world is in a state of flux and the, as yet, hazy outlines of multipolarity show that it has not totally emerged from the debris of the Cold War the relationship between the undisputed “Super Powers” remains undefined. They are not friends if one is to make a judgement based on events in Europe. And they are not rivals as when Communism was set in implacable confrontation with Capitalism. Communism isn’t dead yet and Capitalism looks as if it has shot itself in the foot. It is because of this dichotomy that there is the shadow-play of multipolarity. Hence the flux.


Medvedev visit: new impetus by Maj Gen Dhruv Katoch

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Author: Maj Gen (Retd) Dhruv Katoch

Relationships evolve when nations want them to. In India / Soviet / Russia relations there has always been an attempt to double trade and commerce over a ten-year span. The process was interrupted with the breakup of the former Soviet Union into 15 successor States. It now appears to be back on track and leaders of both nations cannot but perceive a congruence of interests and geopolitical aims. One of these is that India become an important node in the multipolar matrix that is emerging.

The acceptance by the international community of India’s status as an emerging global player was underscored in 2010 by visits of top leaders of all the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council - the P5. The last of these visits was by Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, which began on December 21 and culminated with the signing of MoUs worth billions of dollars. The Russian President had earlier visited India in 2008.


Russia: global aspirations by Dr Arvind Gupta

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Author: Dr Arvind Gupta

By a strange alchemy Vladimir Putin stepped into the breach and is perceptibly reshaping the world from the unilateralism of the triumphant US to one of stable multi-polarity in which, significantly, India plays a major part. India-Russia relations are characterised by a benign aura that precludes any possibility of “if you are not with us, you are against us” syndrome largely because both peoples have traversed revolutions that have changed the course of history – the Russians in their passage through Communism and the Indians in their overthrow of colonialism. Some say this makes them “natural allies”.


Caucasus: terror cradle? by Prof P L Dash

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Author:  Prof P L Dash

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has finally admitted to America’s role in creating jihadi terrorists to fight the former Soviet Union. It is part of the problem and should be a major part of the solution. That the jihad against the Soviet Union is continuing to plague the successor Russian Federation would not be the total picture. Caucasian killers have grown roots in the Afghan-Pak tribal belt and when Pakistan talks of killing “foreign terrorists” it usually refers to those of Caucasian origin of which the Chechens are hyperactive.


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