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Tuesday July 07, 2020

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February 2018

Awareness For Future-ready Citizens

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Author: Dr. Pooja Sharma

Today, there are a lot of youngsters who have no direction or purpose in their lives. Compulsory Military Training, besides helping them acquire a sense of identity and purpose, would also help them learn valuable skills, including social and professional ones.


For Lies and Deceit

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Author: Brig Gurmeet Kanwal (Retd)

The logic for the continuing US’ support for the Pakistan Army is fundamentally flawed. It emboldens the army to interfere in decision-making well outside its domain, undermines civilian control over the military and, consequently, weakens Pakistan’s fledgling democracy.


From Deterrence to Winnability

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Author: Dr. Ajay Lele

Today, North Korea is challenging the security cover which the nuclear weapons have given so far. In addition, certain statements from the Pakistani political and military leadership in recent times about the employability of nuclear weapons in South Asian theatre have been highly irresponsible. Let us hope that these two powers understand the true meaning of holding nuclear weapons and behave in responsible fashion in future.


Arms Control Challenges

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Author: Brig Rahul K Bhonsle (retd)

The saga of North Korea and arms control remain the significant failures in international relations. So what is the way ahead? President Moon Jae-in, the liberal President of South Korea, is attempting outreach to the North amidst tightening of sanctions. The success of the fresh approach will be dependent on some factors including support of the main actors – the United States, China and Russia. At present, this appears to be the best shot despite the low expectations of success.


Too Little For Modernisation

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Author: Air Marshal Anil Chopra (retd)

The defence budget allocation is not in consonance with India’s security challenges along the western and northern borders and that the actual hike is marginal considering the inflationary pressure and increase in cost of military hardware compared to last year. New procurements will, thus, be low. Will the Indian private sector get any significant orders?


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