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Ati Vishisht Seva Medal

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Awardee's List (26th January 2015)

S. No. Awardee's Name and Detail
1 Lt Gen Abhay Trivikram Parnaik, SM, VSM, ENGRS (Indian Army)
2 Lt Gen Tejwant Singh Gill, SM, VSM, INF (Retd) (Indian Army)
3 Lt Gen Jatinder Sikand, VSM, ENGRS (Indian Army)
4 Lt Gen Balvinder Singh Sachar, SM, VSM**, INF (Indian Army)
5 Lt Gen Rakesh Nandan, SM, AAD (Indian Army)
6 Lt Gen Amit Sharma, VSM, ARMD (Indian Army)
7 Lt Gen Harminderjit Singh Sachdev, SM, INF (Indian Army)
8 Lt Gen Rajiv Bhatia, AAD (Indian Army)
9 Lt Gen Satya Pal Singh Katewa, ASC (Indian Army)
10 Lt Gen Praveen Bakshi, VSM, ARMD (Indian Army)
11 Lt Gen Ravindra Pratap Sahi, INF (Indian Army)
12 Lt Gen Rakesh Mohan Mittal, SM, VSM, ENGRS (Indian Army)
13 Lt Gen Kocherlakota Gopala Krishna, SM, VSM, INF (Indian Army)
14 Lt Gen Manoj Kumar Unni, VSM, AMC (Indian Army)
15 Lt Gen Prem Prakash Varma, SM, VSM, AMC (Indian Army)
16 Maj Gen Devendra Kumar Purohit, SM, VSM, INF (Indian Army)
17 Maj Gen Rajiv Narayanan, VSM, ARMD (Indian Army)
18 Maj Gen Prakash Narayan Tripathi, VSM, AAD (Indian Army)
19 Maj Gen Ashok Kumar, ASC (Indian Army)
20 Maj Gen Vinod G Khan Dare , SM, INF (Indian Army)
21 Maj Gen Surinder Singh, VSM, INF (Indian Army)
22 Maj Gen Ashok Ambre, SM, INF (Indian Army)
23 Maj Gen Surender Singh Lamba, SM, AOC (Indian Army)
24 Maj Gen Jaswinder Singh Sandhu, VSM, INF (Indian Army)
25 Maj Gen Ranbir Singh, YSM, SM, INF (Indian Army)
26 Maj Gen Gurpratap Singh Dhillon, YSM, SM, INF (Indian Army)
27 Maj Gen Parminder Jit Singh Pannu, VSM, INF (Indian Army)
28 Maj Gen Anil Chauhan, SM, VSM, INF (Indian Army)
29 Maj Gen Dharamvir Singh Rana, SM, VSM, INF (Indian Army)
30 Maj Gen Tarlochan Singh Sidana, VSM, ENGRS (Indian Army)
31 Maj Gen Anil Kumar Bhatt, SM, VSM, INF (Indian Army)
32 Air Marshal Birender Singh Dhanoa YSM VM (15405) FLYING (PILOT) (Indian Air Force)
33 Air Marshal Sukhchain Singh VSM (15808) AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING (ELECTRONICS) (Indian Air Force)
34 Air Vice Marshal Rp George (15751) LOGISTICS (Indian Air Force)
35 Air Vice Marshal Chambala Karai Ranjan VSM (16015) MEDICAL (Indian Air Force)
36 Air Vice Marshal Raghunath Nambiar VM & BAR (16378) FLYING (PILOT) (Indian Air Force)
37 6. Air Vice Marshal Vivek Ram Chaudhari VM (16978) FLYING (PILOT) (Indian Air Force)
38 Air Commodore Suryakant Chintaman Chafekar SC (17013) FLYING (PILOT) (Indian Air Force)
39 Air Commodore Pravin Ramchandra Navalkar (17173) FLYING (PILOT) (Indian Air Force)
40 Air Commodore Krishna Iyengar Ravi VSM (17674) AERONAUTICAL ENGINEER (MECHANICAL) (Indian Air Force)
41 Air Commodore Ajay Rathore VM (18258) FLYING (PILOT) (Indian Air Force)
42 Air Commodore Surat Singh VM VSM (18563) FLYING (PILOT) (Indian Air Force)
43 Air Commodore Hardeep Bains VSM (19180) FLYING (PILOT) (Indian Air Force)
44 Air Commodore Prashant Eknath Patange, YSM, VM (17706) FLYING (PILOT) (Indian Air Force)
45 Air Commodore Sunil Kumar, YSM (17713) FLYING (PILOT) (Indian Air Force)
46 Air Commodore Balakrishnan Balachandran VM (18561) FLYING (PILOT) (Indian Air Force)
47 Vice Admiral Jaywant Kumar Korde, VSM, (01912-W) (Indian Navy)
48 Rear Admiral Sudarshan Yashwant Shrikhande (02152-R) (Indian Navy)
49 Vice Admiral Anil Kumar Chawla, NM, VSM (02312-B) (Indian Navy)
50 Rear Admiral Dinesh Mukund Deshpande, VSM (40844-A) (Indian Navy)
51 Rear Admiral Ajay Kumar Saxena, VSM, (50763-W) (Indian Navy)
52 Rear Admiral G Ashok Kumar , VSM, (02470-N) (Indian Navy)
53 Rear Admiral Atul Kumar Jain, VSM (02459-N) (Indian Navy)


Defence Investiture Ceremony (2nd May. 2014)

S. No. Awardee's Name and Detail
1 Lt Gen Sanjeev Madhok, VSM (Indian Army)
2 Lt Gen Ashwani Kumar Bakshi, SM, VSM (Indian Army)
3 Lt Gen Sunit Kumar (Indian Army)
4 Lt Gen Sunil Sadanand Jog, SM, VSM (Indian Army)
5 Lt Gen Yohannan Chacko Tharakan, VSM (Indian Army)
6 Lt Gen Anil Kumar Bhalla, VSM (Indian Army)
7 Lt Gen Nitin Kumar Kohli, VSM (Indian Army)
8 Lt Gen Vimal Arora, VSM** (Indian Army)
9 Maj Gen Sarath Chand, VSM (Indian Army)
10 Maj Gen Amarjeet Singh, SM (Indian Army)
11 Maj Gen Rajendra Ramraoji Nimbhorkar, SM**, VSM (Indian Army)
12 Maj Gen Devraj Anbu, YSM, SM (Indian Army)
13 Maj Gen Sanjay Kumar Jha, YSM, SM (Indian Army)
14 Vice Admiral Ajit Kumar P, VSM (Indian Navy)
15 Surg Vice Admiral Sushil Kumar, NM, VSM (Indian Navy)
16 Rear Admiral Gurtej Singh Pabby, VSM (Indian Navy)
17 Air Mshl Devinder Singh Khajuria, SC (Indian Air Force)
18 AVM Mahesh Kumar Malik VSM (Indian Air Force)
19 AVM Raj Karan Singh Shera VSM (Indian Air Force)
20 AVM Navkaran Jit Singh Dhillon (Indian Air Force)
21 AVM Nalin Kumar Tandon VM (Indian Air For)
22 AVM Kuldeep Sharma VSM (Indian Air Force)
23 Air Cmde Sujeet Pushpakar Dharkar (Indian Air Force)


Defence Investiture Ceremony (22nd March. 2014)

S. No. Awardee's Name and Detail
1 Vice Admiral Saroj Kumar Jha, NM (Indian Navy)
2 Rear Admiral Prem Kumar Nair (Indian Navy)
3 Rear Admiral Arun Kumar Bahl, VSM (Indian Navy)
4 Lt Gen Vijay Kumar Narula, SM (Indian Army)
5 Lt Gen Vijay Kumar Sexena, VSM (Indian Army)
6 Lt Gen Gautam Moorthy, VSM (Indian Army)
7 Lt Gen Athmanathan Venkata Subramanian, VSM (Indian Army)
8 Lt Gen Ashok Kumar Mehta, VSM (Indian Army)
9 Lt Gen Rakesh Chandra Chadha, VSM (Indian Army)
10 Lt Gen Rajiv Bhalla, SM, VSM (Indian Army)
11 Lt Gen Peruvemba Ramachandran Kumar, VSM (Indian Army)
12 Maj Gen Bobby Cherian Mathews, VSM (Indian Army)
13 Maj Gen Avinash Laxman Chavan, SM, VSM (Indian Army)
14 Maj Gen Lalit Kumar Pandey, SM (Indian Army)
15 Maj Gen Abhay Krishna, SM, VSM (Indian Army)
16 Maj Gen Atul Krishan Sharma (Indian Army)

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