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Maha Veer Chakra

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Maha Veer ChakraThe Maha Veer Chakra (MVC) established on 26th January, 1950 is the second highest Indian military decoration and is awarded for acts of extraordinary gallantry and bravery in war on land, at sea or in the air. The medal is circular and is made of standard silver. Embossed on the obverse is a five pointed heraldic star with circular centre-piece bearing the gilded State emblem in the centre. The words “Maha Vir Chakra" are embossed in Devanagari and English on the reverse with two lotus flowers in the middle.

Lt. Arvind Singh was Officer-in-charge of Indian Marine Special (MARCOS) team which along with 10 Para Commandos was given certain specific tasks as part of the Indian Peace Keeping Force operation in Sri Lanka. Lt. Singh, leading a team, broke out from Jaffna Fort at 1430 hours on 19 October 1987.
During this operation, the team had to negotiate a heavily mined road with booby traps laid by militants. The team was under militant's fire from buildings and roof-tops. Lt. Singh by his personal example of bravery motivated his men to secure the area which resulted in link up of 41 Brigade with 1 Maratha Light Infantry on 20 October 1987.

On the night of 21 October 1987, the team under his leadership was tasked to destroy Guru Nagar Jetty and the militant speed boats in the Jaffna Lagoon. The team successfully placed and detonated explosive charges and extensively damaged the Jetty and destroyed six militant speed boats. In order to destroy the remaining militant speed boats, the team reached its destination by swimming over a mile under water and successfully planted demolition charges in 11 speed boats, kept ready for the escape of hard-core militants. Before the charges could be exploded the team came under heavy firing from the militants.

Lt. Arvind Singh once again took charge of the situation effectively and provided a diversion by exposing himself to militants fire without any regard for his personal safety. This act inspired his men who accomplished the task of destroying all the speed boats. Lt. Arvind Singh thus displayed exceptional devotion to duty and gallantry in the highest traditions of the Indian Navy. The officer is now serving in the rank of a Commodore.

List of Awardees, Awards given on 26th Jan 2011

S. No. Awardee's Name
1 Captain Devinder Singh Ahlawat  MVC  IC-19161
2 Brigadier V. P. Airy  MVC  IC-7750
3 Maj Gen Madan Mohan Singh Bakshi  MVC  IC-1697
4 Lt Colonel I. J. S. Butalia  MVC  IC-159
5 Major M. S. Chaudhary  MVC  IC-8164
6 Major Vijay Rattan Chaudhary  MVC  IC-11004
7 Lt General R. S. Dyal  MVC  IC-4004
8 Lt Colonel Dharam Singh  MVC  IC-2447
9 Lance Naik Hari Singh  MVC  4476
10 Havildar (Hony. Caption) Fateh Singh  MVC  12742
11 Wing Commander Jag Mohan Nath  MVC  3946 F(P)
12 Lt General Khem Karan Singh  MVC  IC-2041
13 Maj Gen Swarup Singh Kalaan  MVC  IC-219
14 Sepoy Man Singh  MVC  4128692
15 Brigadier Rai Singh Yadav  MVC  IC-5086
16 Naik Shishpal Singh  MVC  3131692
17 Leading Seaman Chaman Singh Yadav  MVC  87000
18 Commodore B. B. Yadav  MVC  00101 B
19 Lt Col Sardul Singh Randhawa  MVC  IC-2658
20 Lt Colonel H. S. Virk  MVC  IC-665

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