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Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry)

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Salutes Winners of Gallantry Service Awards 26 January 2015

S. No. Awardee's Name and Detail
1 Wing Commander Maneesh Kumar Roy (22980) FLYING (PILOT)
2 Wing Commander Saurabh Sharma (23209) F (P)
3 Wing Commander Amit Jain (25110) (PILOT)
4 Squadron Leader Mantej Singh Somal (26996) FLYING (PILOT)
5 Squadron Leader Saurabh Raghuvanshi (27955) FLYING (PILOT) (POSTHUMOUS)
6 Sqn Ldr Kapil Kareem (29719) FLYING (PILOT)
7 781094 Sergeant Ravinder Kumar Jakhar Pji
8 Wing Commander Anup Sharma (25310) FLYING (PILOT)
9 Wing Commander Pankaj Sharma (25628) FLYING (PILOT)
10 918575 Corporal Momocha Ningthoujam INDIAN AIR FORCE (SECURITY)
11 Pa No 42477 Shri Ravinder Kumar LEADING HAND FIREMAN (POSTHUMOUS)


Salutes Winners of DEVOTION TO DUTY Awards 26 January 2015

S. No. Awardee's Name and Detail
1 Group Captain Vishnamettai Ramamurthy Vishwanathan (21229) FLYING (PILOT)
2 Group Captain Animesh Kumar Singh (21255) FLYING (PILOT)
3 Group Captain Vipul Singh (21537) FLYING (PILOT)
4 Group Captain Machetira Karumbaiah Praveen (22373) AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING (MECHANICAL)
5 Group Captain Sandeep Balyan (22699) FLYING (PILOT)
6 Group Captain Pradeep Arun Shah (22925) FLYING (PILOT)
7 Group Captain Vinay Pratap Singh (22951) FLYING (PILOT)
8 Group Captain Pankaj Mittal (23166) FLYING (PILOT)
9 Group Captain Rajesh Varma (23190) FLYING (PILOT)
10 Group Captain Ratish Kumar (23513) FLYING (PILOT)
11 Group Captain Sanjeev Kanwar (23520) FLYING (PILOT)
12 Group Captain Tahir Hussain Abdulgani Shaikh (23527) FLYING (PILOT)
13 Group Captain Kaza Jyotir Mahendra (23762) FLYING (PILOT)
14 Wing Commander Ashish Kumar (23529) FLYING (PILOT)
15 Wg Cdr Mukesh Kothari (24047) FLYING (PILOT)
16 Wing Commander Govind Bhikaji Patole (24211) FLYING (PILOT)
17 Wing Commander Rosha (24241) FLYING (PILOT)
18 Wing Commander Siddabathula Gopi Mohan (24527) FLYING (PILOT)
19 19. 675144 Master Warrant Officer Anand Prakash Tripathi FLIGHT GUNNER


Salutes Winners of Gallantry Service Awards 15 August 2014

S. No. Awardee's Name and Detail
1 Wg Cdr Abhyankar Aniket Santosh
2 Wg Cdr Rahul Shukla

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