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Thursday July 02, 2020

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Global Armies - Changing Nature and Structure

Need for Slim, Trim, Light And Agile Security Mechanism by Lt Gen DB Shekatker

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Author: Lt Gen (Dr) DB Shekatker PVSM, AVSM, VSM (Retd)
There is an age old philosophy of good governance and national security since Mahabharat, which was reaffirmed by famous Indian strategic philosopher Chanakya: “If you wish to prevent a war be prepared for it. But never be too eager for a war”. Thanks to the political, diplomatic, ideological leadership, India’s security and defence philosophy and strategy became over-focused towards Pakistan. In doing so unfortunately we totally ignored our bigger adversary and competitor China.


Resurgent Russian Military by Prof PL Dash

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Author: Prof PL Dash
Russia’s endeavour to assert its military presence extends to the North Pole. In June 2007, Putin surprised the world by staking Russian claim to the North Pole. The saga of this astonishing claim began thus. A group of Arctic experts, who spent 45 days in the Polar zone, came out with evidences that the Lomonosov ridge has a direct underwater, continental shelf extension to the North Pole. As per UN Maritime Convention, the physical extension of continental shelf would allow a country to stake claims to the Polar zone.


Defence Reforms For The Coming Decade by Lt Gen Kamal Davar

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Author: Lt Gen Kamal Davar PVSM, AVSM (Retd)
The status quo and pacifist mentality of the Indian mind is, perhaps, reflective of a primordial and philosophical orientation which is inconsistent with the security challenges which India now confronts in a troubled and politically unstable neighbourhood.  It is worth reflecting that do we need crisis situations to shake us out of our slumber or do we formally and periodically introspect, analyse and put into place corrective measures emerging from a well thought out all-encompassing national security strategy?


Factors Affecting Future Military Structures by Lt Gen OP Kaushik

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Author: Lt Gen OP Kaushik PVSM, AVSM, VSM, M-in-D (Retd)
Cooperation and joint planning will be required to decide about the balance of weapon mix and future technological developments are likely to offer many an alternative. Warfare is getting sophisticated and complex day by day and new developments in military science will call for greater integration among the three Services.


Ballistic Missile Defence - Will the Shield Get Better? by Arjun Subramanian

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Author: Arjun Subramanian P
In the modern era, weapons that offer asymmetric advantage are ballistic missiles. A ballistic missile has certain characteristics that make it hard to intercept. There are three options for intercepting it: Boost phase interception, midcourse interception and intercepting the missile at its terminal stage. At present, terminal BMD systems have attained some level of technological maturity compared to other options. But how reliable is this technology in negating the threat? This is a major question under debate.


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