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DSA May 2012 - India and Israel - An enduring strategic partnership

Israeli Operation that changed ways of warfare by Air Vice Marshal A K Tiwary

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Author: Air Vice Marshal A K Tiwary VSM (Retd)
The Israeli armed forces – especially their Air Force are universally admired for their dedication, professionalism and innovative approach. Some Israeli operations - especially the destruction of the Arab Air Forces in the six day Arab-Israeli war in 1967, have become benchmarks of professional excellence. There is much to learn from the Israeli proactive and highly offensive orientation which relies heavily on seizing the initiative right from the outset. In this article AVM Tiwary examines how the Israeli Air Blitz of 1967 succeeded so brilliantly as to become a textbook model for the employment of airpower.


Future Challenges in Indo-Israel Defence Relations by Brig Rahul Bhonsle

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Author: Brig Rahul Bhonsle (Retd)
India-Israel Defence relations have great depth. There is a sufficient basis for Indo-Israel defence relations to expand over the years. Some of the political issues have now been resolved and there is a better understanding across the board of the importance of cooperation with Israel.


India’s Hesitant Partnership with Israel by Dr Harsh V Pant

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Author: Dr Harsh V Pant
While the UPA government has continued to deal with Israel on issues that matter to India, it has failed to publicly affirm its ties with Israel for fear of offending the Muslim community. This is not healthy for sustaining strong bilateral ties. India and Israel should be natural allies, yet the Indian policy makers remain uncommitted to the cause of Israel for petty political reasons.


India Israel Relations by Maj Gen P K Chakravorty

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Author: Maj Gen P K Chakravorty (Retd)
The India–Israel Strategic partnership has been of tremendous value to India in terms of Military technology transfers and Intelligence cooperation against Jihadi terrorism. The relationship has been strengthened by the presence of 70,000 Indian Jews in Israel and frequent visits by the youth of Israel who are fascinated by India.


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