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Thursday July 09, 2020

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Indian Army

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Indian ArmyThe officer ranks of our Indian army by and large match with those of Western militaries and are a replica of British military ranks. However, traditional British names for ranks are still being used in India, along with the western names for those respective ranks.

Indian Army - Field MarshalI) Field Marshal

Field Marshal is an honorary rank. It does not exist in present army organisation structure; however two distinguished officers of the Indian armed forces have been conferred with the rank.

Indian Army - GeneralII) General

Gold national emblem and star outlined in red over a crossed gold baton and scimitar

Indian Army - lt. generalIII) Lieutenant General

Gold national emblem outlined in red over a crossed baton and scimitar

Indian Army - Major General
IV) Major General

Gold star outlined in red over a crossed gold baton and scimitar

Indian Army - Brigadier
V) Brigadier

Gold national emblem over three gold stars in a triangle formation

Indian Army - Colonel

VI) Colonel

Gold national emblem over two gold stars

Indian Army - Lt. Colonel
VII) Lieutenant Colonel

Gold national emblem over one gold star

Indian Army - Major
VIII) Major

Gold national emblem

Indian Army - Captain
IX) Captain

Three gold stars

X) Lieutenant Indian Army - Lieutenant

Two gold stars

Junior Commissioned Officers

Subedar Major / Risaldar Major: Gold national emblem with strip
Subedar / Risaldar: Two gold stars with strip
Naib Subedar / Naib Risaldar: One gold star with strip

Non Commissioned Officers

  • Battalion Havildar Major / Regimental Daffadar Major
  • Battalion Quarter Master Havildar / Regimental Quarter Master Daffadar
  • Company Havildar Major / Squadron Daffadar Major
  • Company Quarter Master Havildar / Squadron Quarter Master Daffadar
  • Havildar / Daffadar
  • Naik / Lance Daffadar
  • Lance Naik / Acting Lance Daffadar
  • Sepoy / Sowar

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