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Tuesday February 18, 2020

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Defense Personnel News and Update

Defence Personnel Worldwide Find Transcendental Meditation to be an Effective Tool in Combating Stress

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Writer: Dr David R Leffler, Gerald Geer, Col SP Bakshi (retd)
Stress is a very major degrade factor on combat performance. Troops of the Army, CPOs and Police deployed in CI / CT operations must cope with high levels of stress. The article presents a solution in terms of TM. The TM technique is the most thoroughly researched and successful meditation practice in the world. Over 350 research studies published in leading, peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals have confirmed that TM practice produces wide-ranging, measurable benefits, including increased intelligence, creativity and mental clarity; reduced stress and improved health; and more fulfilling and harmonious interpersonal relationships. These studies have been conducted at more than 200 independent universities and research institutions in 30 countries. This stress-busting approach has been taught worldwide for the past 44 years and today over 6 million people in 180 countries have learned the practice.

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