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Tuesday February 18, 2020

Current Issue: February 2020

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Homeland Security

Learning Organisations - A Continuous Transformation

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Writer: Dr. Rupali Jeswal
People rise to the challenge when it’s their challenge. Learning Organisations have the levers that drive creation, define purpose, value incubation of ideas, conjure passion, a bridge gaps between potential and possibilities, give abilities, motivation and positive attitude.


Mindware: Psychological Strengthening For Tactical Operations

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Writer: Dr Rupali Jeswal
Self-science is becoming aware of and recognising patterns of responses to various situations and is one of the prerequisites to having some control over reactions and increasing self-direction. Constant need should be there to upgrade the training methods to seek the mental edge for performance factor and to mitigate clinical manifestations that are acquired by the professionalswhile working in high-stress-critical domains. With this structure installed we can “think” the brain and override natural “fight or flee” response and utilise stress as a drive through stress structuring and perception reframing.


Impediments to Tackle Terrorism in India

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Writer: Dr Ahmad Reza Taheri
Terrorism in India has emerged both from internal and external sources. Internal sources are the homegrown terrorists and external sources are the foreign elements involved against Indian security. Without intelligence role in the political system terrorism cannot be tackled. Today, communalism is being fanned by fundamentalism as well as by foreign agencies who are deliberately exploiting
this weakness in Indian society.


Cyber Jihad – OSJ (open source jihad)

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Writer: Dr Rupali Jeswal

The visceral nature of emotions amplified by mainstream mass media.

The great changes of our time, the emotional tectonic shifts have provided new causes for anger, past dreams to be fulfilled and new tools of attack. Emotion’s role enables past experiences to be determined with appraisal of history, which further enables current circumstances to be quickly referred to and deduced – this is the case with all beings also in politics and in terrorism.

Information technology has given this process speed and larger, diverse area of dissemination.


Crash Proof Barriers Against Vehicle Based Attacks

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Writer: Paul Jeffrey

The writer considers the growing need for physical protection and looks at the range of options available. Physical protection may include rising arm barriers, road blockers, sliding armoured gates plus bollards and fencing.  Often a combination of product types may be used, especially on larger sites. To stop potential Vehicle based IED attacks such barriers must be crash tested. Robust physical security measures also send out a very visual signal that can assist in deterring terrorists or indeed anyone else interested in gaining non-authorised access.

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