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Friday February 21, 2020

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International Geo-Politics

Why Japan needs India as Strategic Partner?

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Writer: Dr Satoru Nagao

Why does Japan need India – asks the writer? Because India is likely to be a strong naval power. India will possess enough naval power to be projected as a significant naval power in the future. For example, the number of surface combatants whose full load displacement is more than 3,000 t has been increasing rapidly in the Indian Navy. The number was only 14 in 1990 which rose to 21 in 2012 and will reach 27 in 2013. Secondly, India’s strong naval power is expected to fill the power vacuum that a declining US is creating. Thirdly, India is trustworthy. India has exercised restraint in use of military power as a strategy in the past, most countries can trust India. A most cogent and dispassionate Japanese analysis of the strong need for a strategic partnership between India and Japan.



Russia and Global Geo-economics in Challenging Times

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Writer: Vassilios Damiras Ph.D. (ABD)

The post-communist Russia lost an opportunity to create and experience a strong liberal transformation. A number of circumstances inhibited Russia’s change to an open and democratic socio-political system: traditions, culture, history, an anti-Western ethno-nationalism, the necessity to accomplish four crucial revolutions (create a new and modern state, promote a free market economy, democratize the new Russian regime, and abandoned old imperial identity). Also, the traditional matrix of militarism still exists. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Moscow dropped the doctrine of total military confrontation with the West and mainly with the United States, however kept various ideas and tenets of militarism regarding the West. Still the Russia as before tries to find a foreign enemy to confront. For Kremlin globalization is that new enemy, which represents force Americanization and Westernization. The current Russian system has no a clear direction combine with ambiguous principles, hence the Russian socio-political elite plays the game “Let’s pretend.”


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