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Tuesday July 07, 2020

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July 2019

Saudi-Indian Relations

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Author: Ross Mackay

Given the new threat, a significant event highlighting the change in security relations took place in June 2012, when Saudi Arabia deported Zabiuddin Ansar, a terrorist wanted for his involvement in the Mumbai attacks, to stand trial in India. A significant event following this and indeed, a major test and catalyst for the closeness of the alliance was the rise of the so-called Islamic State. Within this came an opportunity to work on challenging ISIS and their radicalisation methods at their source. Indeed, their working together in this partnership is only set to grow.

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Lessons For India

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Author: Manisha Chaurasiya

One of the greatest hope against the new tactics of new terrorism are the values of societal and communal harmony and tolerance. For instance, the Roman Catholic Church appealed for calm and urged Christians to not to carry out revenge attacks against Muslims. Since, most of the tactics of these non-State terror groups are explicit from their actions in the recent decades, it is important that the States and community of States learn from the lessons. States like India are required to understand and interpret such attacks well in advance to safeguard the much nurtured religious tolerance and societal harmony.

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Devilish Inter-play Of Ideas, Money And Arms

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Author: Dr Navniit Gandhi

Till about two decades ago, this inter-play of arms, money and ideas was not this devilish; was not abetted by this high level of technological advancement and could not happen at this speed. When a group in a country took up arms—the enemy was largely visible and identifiable, and therefore, with strategic planning and effective action, the group could be disbanded or eliminated or even turned around in some cases. However, over the past 15 years or so, the threats to our security which we are so desperately trying to confront are largely invisible. Who is funding? Who is the mastermind? Who is preaching? The terror networks have become so very global in our interconnected world that we are unable to exactly pinpoint the enemy.

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Islamic State Across The Palk Strait

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Author: Col Utkarsh S Rathore (Retd)

Though India has rich and varied experience in counter-terror operations, we cannot ignore the presence of Islamic State’s modules on our borders and the hinterland. We have to remould our strategy to fight terror in the real and virtual world.

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Subcontinent Next

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Author: J.M. Phelps And Philip B. Haney

To effectively counter the stated goals of this powerful AQIS coalition, counter-terrorism experts, intelligence agencies, and policy makers around the world should take the clear Sharia-based statements found in the Code of Conduct to heart, and accentuate this threat by paying much closer attention to the global Deoband madrassa system.

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