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Thursday November 14, 2019

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DSA is as much yours, as it is ours! (November 2015)

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National Security is not the domain of any one service, any department or any particular field of profession. It is in fact the total outcome of various facets of human and national life that converge to secure a nation, a people and their lands. Since various fields of human endeavour contribute to making a nation secure it is worth paying attention to all that is possible in order to improve conditions. There is a need, nay an urgent requirement, to opening the minds in order to focus better on all that can contribute to making national security. Time is now.

It is common for national security to be regarded as a military responsibility. With a large dose of intelligence agencies thrown in as well. That in its own way means that the police and their various organisations, armed or otherwise, are also expected to be contributing to making national security. Which then also leads to the fact that political administration has a great deal to contribute. The fact that the government has been able to make all this function is because it has resources to carry out the various tasks at hand. In this intricate diagram each link functions only because they have the means and resources to let them function.

So from where does the government get these resources? And that too in such enormous quantities. Which allow the government to undertake all the complex responsibilities that make national security the awesome task that it is. These resources are raised from the various taxes that citizens pay in their daily life and more from some advanced transactions that take place toward the higher end of the economic scale. Some major mergers and acquisitions will, for example, earn the government a windfall of revenue. So ultimately it is enormity of the business cycle that will sustain the complexity of the national security apparatus. These two are directly proportional to each other.

There is, therefore, a direct correlation between the business cycle of a country and its ability to sustain national security expenditures and payments. It is obvious, then, that a country wishing to keep a robust national security profile must also be encouraging business amongst its people. It goes without saying that the energies a vibrant business cycle produces aids the national security set up of a country an enormous amount. So to maintain its armed forces, police network, intelligence agencies and all the sundry that contribute to national security, a nation must encourage its businesses to grow ever more.

When that is the simple formula to maintaining a national security apparatus why then does the country make life so complicating for its entrepreneurs? The correlation between the two is very obvious and so are the benefits of encouraging the business community. And yet governments don’t seem to free business from the mundane, thus making life difficult for the motivated enough. It is well nigh time that decision-makers realise the benefits of easing business norms so that the national security set up is helped too.

The countries that have the most efficient and effective national security establishments are the ones that have the easiest business environments. This is apparent from across the world. Whether it is a democracy like the United States of America or a totalitarian country like China, a vibrant business climate has enabled both to rapidly expand their national security establishments. From a mid-level third world country barely forty years ago to a soon-to-be the largest economy in the world China has traversed this distance in such short a span of time only because it took the business friendly route to making its mark on the world. As a result of which it has the second largest defence and security budget in the world and is inducting high-technology weaponry at a rapid pace.

A totalitarian country without a business friendly system and trying to live a super power life was once known as the USSR. It is now extinct, thus buttressing the aforementioned point once again. Given Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of ‘Make in India’, it is very important for easing business regulations et al. Ease of doing business means a more efficient and effective national security establishment. A very simple formula to making the country more secure and safe.

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