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Sunday October 13, 2019

Current Issue: September 2019

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Manvendra Singh Blog - DSA's Editor-in-Chief

Editor's December Blog

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Even as the country celebrates Navy Day it is worth placing the Indo-US relationship in the context of the opportunities offered by the service that keeps the seas safe. The Navy operates over the horizons, revelling in the vastness of the oceans. Vaster the better, is at the core of the Navy’s thinking. And in a very real way that is also the crux of the Indo-US relationship. The Navy is, curiously, the pointer to the potential of this nascent relationship.


Editor's November blog post

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Trying to source a declassified copy of the Henderson-Brooks report on the 1962 Indo-China war is the spot on way of unravelling official India's mind-set towards its large eastern neighbour. Official histories of wars prior to and those since 1962 have been declassified. But not 1962, for it is the war that continues to haunt India, plague its psychology and colour its decision making. Official India will say that releasing the report will affect our relationship with China. Preposterous as it may seem in the 21st century, but that is how the Government of India believes that a limited war of the early 1960s continues to wield disproportionate influence on the country thinking. How an essentially after-action report of a restricted military campaign continues to impact on political relations between two neighbours is an idea that has long done its time.


DSA is as much yours, as it is ours! - Anniversary Special

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It is now a year since we launched your magazine and we wouldn't be here without you and your tremendous support and encouragement. Here is wishing you all a very happy first anniversary and with all our thanks. So much has happened in the last one year that the headlines don’t seem the same at all. And most of all, there is something deeply disturbing in the manner the governments of India and of Jammu and Kashmir have responded to the stone throwing mobs. They are, after all, only stone throwing mobs, nothing more, nothing less. And for that rallying crowd to have the two governments in apoplectic fits is a poor testimony to both governance and national priorities. It is one thing to be sensitive to public opinion, but another to buckle and betray a complete absence of balance. The state government can be accused of the former, while the government of India is guilty of the latter.

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