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Thursday July 02, 2020

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March 2019


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India is being increasingly portrayed as an emerging power. The proactive foreign policy initiatives of the current government and increasing number of strategic defence relationships has led to the Indian Armed Forces operating at an unprecedented tempo. At this juncture, it is important to focus on basic equipment and key force multipliers in an integrated manner to optimise the capital budget.

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Privatise Defence R and D

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Author: Gp Capt AK Sachdev (Retd)

The biggest change required is in privatising Defence R&D so that efficiency and productivity increase; given our extreme preoccupation with security, maybe R&D for some very sensitive and strategic projects can be kept under a government department. Just as the public sector has remained tethered to licence production, DRDO has been content with minimal productivity. It is time that it is goaded into justifying its large section of the defence budgetary pie, failing which, privatisation ought to be resorted to.

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No ‘Soft Power’ Without ‘Hard Power’

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Before Defence Budget 2019-2020 was presented; US had already indicated it would exit Afghanistan. Have we taken into account that with this, Pakistan will likely get more belligerent towards India, including her thinning out troops from her western flank for additional deployments against India? How seriously the China-Pakistan collusive threat is being considered by the political hierarchy, remains questionable. Continuing neglect of defence certainly doesn’t bode well for the country and India can’t hope to be a global power without a strong military.

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Getting The Best Bang For The Buck

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Author: Lt Gen S N Handa (Retd)

The allocations for defence, especially in recent years, reflect a lack of sincerity, commitment and priority towards maintaining requisite levels of defence preparedness. This possibly stems from politico-bureaucratic attitudes conditioned by a flawed understanding of defence needs and priorities and a misplaced belief that modernisation of defence forces can be relegated to the back-burner in a nuclearised neighbourhood.

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Deep Air Surgical Strike- Next Level Against Terror

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Author: Air Mshl Anil Chopra (Retd)

India has finally shown its resolve to take-on terror head-on. It does not want to be viewed a soft state anymore. It has also launched strong actions internally against separatist groups. This too will send signals of its intent. It is willing to go to any lengths

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