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Thursday July 09, 2020

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DSA June 2012 - Need National Strategy

If this is not war… then what is war? by Pathikrit Payne

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Author: Pathikrit Payne

If India is on the back foot in the war against Maoists, it is not because the Maoists are more efficient or superior but it is primarily because of the schizophrenic attitude of India’s governments at the central as well as at the state level. In spite of the clear and present danger, each state is fighting its own war and some are even going to the extent of appeasing the Maoists in their own states to make sure that no untoward incident happens over there. It does not matter if heinous activities are carried out by the same Maoists in the neighbouring state. The lack of a coherent policy and the baggage of federalism under whose pretext states claim that law and order is a state subject and that the centre should not directly intervene, have been the major hindrances in the fight against Maoists. Sadly the way India’s states behave at times, they do not seem to be constituent states of a federal republic but seem more like independent states of a confederation.


Maoist insurgency and UAVs by Air Vice Marshal A K Tiwary

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Author: Air Vice Marshal A K Tiwary VSM (Retd)

A very useful article on the employment of UAVs in anti-Naxal operations. In the forested environment of Naxal affected area, the mini and small UAVs will be restricted in operation due to forests and foliage. Pure EO sensors will have severe limitations. IR sensors will be essential. Also foliage penetration radars and underground detection radars, which are in evolution in the West, need to be introduced here. The medium altitude UAVs are likely to provide the best result. Using Searcher type of UAV would be optimal. The multiple sensors give phenomenal amount of data. To extract intelligence out of this maze of data, software automation is essential. It would be facial recognition, change of scene detection and so on. While it is easy to procure UAVs and sensors, the most challenging part is to acquire and adapt automated software for our conditions.


Maoism: need for a national strategy by Prakash Singh

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Author: Prakash Singh, IPS

One of India’s most experienced Police Officers takes a close look at the ongoing campaign against the Naxals. After initial setbacks the Paramilitary forces had become defensive for a couple of months.  They concentrated more on holding the ground rather than undertaking any offensive operations.  The Prime Minister has said more than once that the Maoist threat is the biggest challenge to the internal security of the country.


The maoist naxalite insurgency in India by E N Rammohan

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Author: E N Rammohan, IPS

An emotive and impassioned analysis of the causes and context of the Maoist insurgency. The writer traces the history of this movement and describes how the Indian state has failed abjectly to enforce the Fifth and Ninth Schedules of the Constitution we gave to ourselves in 1950. The Fifth Schedule had stipulated that the state Governors would administer the Tribal areas by appointing Tribes Advisory Councils.


The Deception of ‘Policy’ by Ajai Sahni

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Author: Dr Ajai Sahni

The gibberish about 'policies', 'SOPs', the centralisation of responses, the transformation of 'tactics', 'terrorists' and other such twaddle, is nothing more than a diversion, an attempt by bankrupt politicians and force commanders to direct attention away from the awful crisis of capacities that undermines India’s security and all dimensions of governance. It is not the Maoists that hold India hostage today, but the enduring venality, the incompetence and the collapse of imagination of the country's leadership.


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