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Thursday February 27, 2020

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‘RIDE FOR BORDERMAN’ - Superbike Rally to BSF

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Soul Riders – A superbike enthusiasts club organised a Superbike Rally from Delhi to Attari in honor of India’s First Line of Defence, the Border Security Force, which has been safeguarding the India – Pakistan and India – Bangladesh borders since 1965.

Mr. Vibhu Narayan (an ex-BSF officer) was among the riders. The intent of the ride was to make awareness of BSF and to spread the message of love, brotherhood and peace both at home and at our borders. To further their intent of honoring and respecting the selfless Border Man and to highlight the role played by BSF in maintaining the unity and Integrity of our country, the bikes will adorn both the Indian national flag and BSF’s official flag. The group were comprised of around 20 superbikes, which were ridden by patriotic young male and female professionals, who shared the love for riding and appreciated BSF’s work and sacrifices for the nation.


The Superbike Rally was flagged off from Delhi on 27th Feb 2015 at around 0630 Hrs. After reaching at Amritsar, they visited one Border Outpost of Border Security Force and there interacted with Jawans of BSF. On 28th Feb 2015, members of Superbike Rally also witnessed the World famous Retreat Ceremony at Attari-Wagha Border. And there they interacted with media fraternity.

Source: V N Parashar
Public Relations Officer, BSF

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