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Tuesday November 19, 2019

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Ambassador of Israel In India On Anniversary of 26/11 Mumbai Attacks

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Ambassador Daniel Carmon said today, “We remember today the horrible attacks of 26/11 in Mumbai. The attacks that happened exactly 7 years ago, took the lives hundreds of people, including Israelis, and had left many more with physical and emotional scars.


It is a day that reminds us all the threat of extremist terror against democracies and the free world by those who are committed to the killing of people who do not share their fanatic mindset and views.


This day emphasizes even more the need for us all to unite in the face of extremist terror. Terror can strike anywhere and at any time. Acts of terror happen in Mumbai, Paris, New York, Buenos Aires, Bamako, Jerusalem and other places but those who wish to spread the threat of terror will not prevail.


Israel, also a victim of continuous acts of terror, as always stands by the Indian people, government and security forces, in their tireless efforts to fight and eliminate terror.”


Source: Ohad Horsandi, Spokesman, Embassy of Israel.

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