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Thursday November 14, 2019

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With Prayers From Vizag - Relief Material To Chennai

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The record rainfalls that have befallen the areas in and around the capital city of Tamil Nadu have left them in devastation; and its people in suffering.  In some of the worst hit areas, rainfalls of up to 490 mm were recorded in 24 hours, which is more than one third of the rainfall that UK received in the year of 2014.  Salt was added to the wounds, when dams were opened up, after the reservoirs reached full capacity.


The inception of the idea for us to get involved, in trying to help the ailing people of Tamil Nadu happened just 3 days back, on Thursday Night.  Given the urgency of the need for help, there was no possible way to organize a coordinated and concerted effort to collect relief material.However, upon hearing our initiative, individuals took it upon themselves to spread word on the initiative and personally helped collect relief materials.

Major donors of the this initiative are (Each Rs 1.00 Lakh)

Mr Aith Chandra, Bothra of Bothra Shipping Group

Mr Krishnakumar, President Cargo handling private workers pool

Mr Rajesh, Integral shipping Logistics


The people of Vizag were quick to respond in this hour of need.  A plethora of people reached out to us, including employees of South India Corporation, HSL, L&T, Visakkhapatnam Steel Plant, Naval Dockyard, HPHV (BHEL), HPCL, & Students of Indian Maritime University & the residents of Murali Nagar who all came together to help their suffering brethren in Tamil Nadu.  Contributions have been pouring in, in the form of Rice, Dal, Medicines, Milk powder, Bed Sheets, Clothing and so on. List of Dispatched Items Attached. As Thiruvalluvar, the Tamil Saint poet puts it in a couplet in the Thirukkural – a Secular, Timeless piece of work that is considered a Universal Gospel.


In the same way, the value of help given by the people of Vizag will be of great value to those affected by the floods. Despite the lack of a coordinated effort, the only reason we have been able to send 2 nos trucks to the people suffering in Tamil Nadu is due to the sheer magnitude of the response and the good hearts of the people of Vizag.  One more truck will be on Tuesday. The aestimated value of items being sent is about Rs 12.00 Lakhs


The send-off of the trucks to Tamil Nadu, was commemorated by the presence of Sri. T Jayaseelan, IDAS (Joint Controller of Defence Accounts) and Sri. J Nivas, Joint Collector, IAS on 06 Dec 2015.


Source: Mr K Chinnaiya, Vizag.

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