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DSA Press Release: April 2016 Edition

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DSA Press Release: April 2016 Edition

We feel elated and proud that this edition of DSA eulogizes and applauds a living legend, Arjan Singh, Marshal of the Indian Air Force and a perfect personification of the highest amplitude of a bona fide defence officer on his 97th Birthday, 15th April 2016. Marshal Arjan Singh has exemplified patriotism and is synonymous with courage, duty, respect, selfless service, moral values and ethics. He is an embodiment of honour and integrity around the world.

Defence is one sector where it is not always possible to make all of the equipment required for national needs. Not all the ships, aircraft, tanks and such other hardware can be made in toto by one country alone. There is always a need to share or import, some parts of the equipment or wholly, when it comes to fulfilling defence requirements. An open mind on this aspect of defence needs to go a long way in overcoming delays and difficulties in equipping national armed forces. A closed mind will only create further hurdles and delays, helping none in the process.

With conscious attention to strengthen national security, important decisions have been taken to boost the morale of stakeholders in Indian Defence and Security arena. Special measures have been instituted by the current government to encourage collaborative efforts. Some good initiatives have become very lucrative for various industries in a quest to enter the Defence sector. For the first time, many industries in the private sector have demonstrated their dynamism for joint ventures with global leaders in Defence and today we see that Indian industry leaders like Mahindra, Tata, Reliance, Bharat Forge, Larsen and Toubro Ltd, Godrej, Jubilant Aeronautics Pvt Ltd, Bharat Electronics Ltd and others have formed joint ventures with other international giants like Boeing with Tata, Airbus and BAE with Mahindra, Cassidian of Germany with Larsen and Toubro, Thales with Bharat Electronics Ltd, Russia with HAL etc. These joint ventures are going to play a vital role in the future for the national security of India.

DSA April 2016 edition, ‘‘India – Partnering with International Defence Giants’’ is here. To access its Cover Page, Editorial Pages and Content Pages, you may follow the DSA web link:



A Tribute To A Living Legend

Air Chief Marshal N C Suri
As an Air Warrior, it is noteworthy that he flew more than 740 operational sorties during World War II, most of which were on the Burma front. In 1943 as a Squadron Leader, he took over command of No 1 Squadron which was equipped with Hurricane aircraft. He led the squadron with dynamism and displayed outstanding qualities of leadership and personal commitment. This can be authenticated by the fact that under his command the squadron flew 2200 hours of operational sorties in a period of 20 weeks. For his outstanding service and valour in battle he was awarded Distinguished Flying Cross by Lord Mountbatten, the Supreme Commander of South East Asia. This was most memorable as Lord Mountbatten flew to the squadron’s operational location and personally pinned the medal on his chest … To read more please follow the DSA web link:


DSA Interview

Arjan Singh, Marshal of the Air Force
“I have followed four simple rules in my life - Firstly, you should be thorough in your profession; Secondly, you should complete the job at hand to the satisfaction of everyone; Thirdly, you must have implicit faith in your subordinates and Fourthly, your efforts should be honest and sincere.” … To read more please follow the DSA web link:

Defence Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI)
Amit K Maitra

By participating in co-production and co-development of UAVs, Indian industry will acquire new product development, manufacturing, logistics and marketing skills. The two joint-venture partners’ challenge is to find concrete areas to step up product development, manufacturing, logistics and export marketing cooperation so that only their strategic logic sets the pace of product development and penetration, persuasion and prosecution of their export marketing ventures … To read more please follow the DSA web link:

Defence Industrial Licence
KA Badarinath

High pitched campaign launched by Prime Minister Modi in his whirlwind tours globally has definitely brought the big players back to the Indian Defence scene. But, big time projects are yet to take off on the ground … Modi government seems flexible in allowing foreign ownership beyond 49 per cent on ‘case to case’ basis … To read more please follow the DSA web link:

Supersonic Missile System
Praveen Pathak

The universal missile has been successfully tested in sea-to-land, sea-to-sea, land-to-land, land-to-sea and subsea-to-land configurations, even as it is preparing to be test-flown for the first time in air-to-ground configuration from the Indian Air Force’s frontline Su-30MKI strike fighter in near future … To read more please follow the DSA web link:

Giants Exposition: An Overview
Cmde Ranjit B Rai (Retd)

India became world’s number one importer of Defence weapons and systems last year and therefore is a market now which few Defence manufacturers or suppliers can afford to ignore. This is more so when most Indian built and imported platforms have supplies from ancillaries from all over the world … To read more please follow the DSA web link:

NSS and Global Nuclear Instability
Vice Admiral Arun Kumar Singh (Retd)

Hopefully the fourth Nuclear Stability Summit (NS) at Washington, which will be President Obama’s last, will find answers to this ‘Damocles sword’, which could be more cataclysmic than climate change. Emulating India’s nuclear No First Use doctrine would be a good start … To read more please follow the DSA web link:

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