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DSA Press Release: May 2016 Edition

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DSA Press Release: May 2016 Edition

The 26/11 has left a scar on India that is indelible … Much like the 1962 border war with China. Both have nothing in common other than the scars that they’ve left behind. One of the murmurs doing the rounds soon after the 26/11 was that the National Security Guard assault team did not have hands free, throat activated or otherwise, communication systems, which meant that the assault troops could not move, aim or fire, whilst communicating since they were not equipped with such sets. Not that these facts are any great secrets that aren’t available in the market. NSG veterans claim that they’d been asking for such sets, but the convoluted procurement process did not allow that critical request to see the light of the day. If they had had such sets, the assault team casualties might have been reduced.

It is sadly beyond comprehension as to why, when almost every other sector in our country has well defined norms, policies and road maps, the Defence and Security sector continues to suffer a step treatment. Evidently, one of the reasons for such a negligent attitude towards the defence sector is the nexus between some greedy foreign companies and our corrupt politicians … a nexus that has stalled and denigrated the Defence procurement procedures and this has been brought to cognizance through the Bofors Scam. An error in hindsight is the second reason … which is a complete absence of the private sector from the supply chain. Over the past decade, efforts have been made to rectify the disastrous situation by encouraging private sector to invest in military related production. The current NDA government led by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken control of the helm with greater vigour. Amendments have been made to the procurement policy with exports central to a stratagem of Make in India.

DSA May 2016 edition, ‘‘Defence Procurements - Hurdles & Mounting Deficiencies’’ is here. To access its Cover Page, Editorial Pages and Content Pages, you may follow the DSA web link:


Caught Between Standardisation And Discounts

Air Marshal Nirdosh V Tyagi (Retd)
First, the evaluation process should be made selection oriented. It should not reject operationally suitable equipment on trivial grounds, because even if bids are invited again, the same vendors with the same equipment would respond but at a higher cost. Second, the constitution of schemes should be kept simple and manageable to increase the chances of success. While recognising the virtues of quantitative discounts and standardisation, it must also be realised that clubbing of schemes has made some of them unmanageable in the past … To read more please follow the DSA web link:


Positive Signals, But A Long Road Ahead

Maj Gen Dhruv C Katoch (Retd)
A structure in the form of a capability development group (CDG) tasked to carry out risk, cost and schedule assessment and management before the first approval of the government also needs to be put in place in India at the earliest. Finally, structural reforms are required in the Ministry of Defence. The political authority has given a series of nudges to the bureaucracy and now appears to be in control. But without structural reforms at the apex level, a future change of government in the Centre may well see the return of the old guard, with negative consequences to the nation’s Defence preparedness … To read more please follow the DSA web link:


Deficiencies Prod Acquisitions

CMDE Ranjit B Rai (Retd)
Since Independence, India has been plagued with scandals like the Franco-British Jaguar deal, the HDW submarine deal with Germany; the Bofors scandal of 1987 involving the Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi and Sweden’s highly controversial long serving PM, Olof Palme(1969-76 and 1982-86 respectively) and recently, the AW-101 Westland Finmeccanica 12 helicopters deal. Yet, evidence to nail culprits could not be found by courts. All this contributed to deficiencies … To read more please follow the DSA web link:


DSA Interview

DGOF & Chairman Ashwani Kumar Prabhakar
OFB not only meets the requirement of Armed Forces but also supplies ammunition to the State Police Forces as well as the Central Armed Police Forces. Keeping in view the strategic requirements of enhancing India’s capacity of fighting a high intensity war, OFB considers it imperative to undertake a massive expansion plan not only in ammunition and explosive group of Factories but also for manufacture of hardware. A capacity is also being created in OFB for manufacturing 125 mm FSAPDS tank ammunition in collaboration with Russia. SMERCH Rocket is also proposed to be manufactured with Russian collaboration … To read more please follow the DSA web link:


The Quandary Of Quagmires

Col KV Kuber (Retd)
If the design is home-grown, then the design would most probably rely on indigenous supply chain and chances of indigenous content are high, whereas, if the design is foreign then chances of having higher indigenous content are low, after all, any foreign design would conform to a foreign supply chain attitude. However, paradoxically, the IDDM category demands just the reverse … To read more please follow the DSA web link:


Hurdles And Mounting Deficiencies In DPP

Amit Cowshish
The military doctrine of the Indian army requires it to have stocks of ammunition to last 40 days of intense war but, as brought out by the Comptroller and Auditor General in a report last year, the stock of ammunition is down to a perilously low level. This has grave implications for defence and security of the country. Military preparedness is of paramount importance as India faces grave conventional and non-conventional threats from across its borders and sadly, from within … To read more please follow the DSA web link:


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