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Tuesday November 19, 2019

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DSA Press Release: June 2016 Edition

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To assimilate gains from the materialising synergy has been the impetus behind the two decades of Joint or Combined exercises. Grammatically, the two words are different but in the military lexicon, they are often interchangeably used. Either of the words, conveys the same significance that is sought by policy makers ie the sense of joint-ness with friendly foreign militaries. Operational joint-ness with another country or a group of like-minded countries is an extremely important policy statement that goes a long way in ameliorating relations and instilling confidence in the other. A full-fledged battle is always about having confidence in those around you. Joint and Combined training exercises are precisely about that endgame in mind – the possibility of conducting live operations together. The planning is always in an out of area operations; in the locus of lands disturbed by nature or by the shenanigans of mankind.

History is replete with illustrations on alliance formations among nations. But the definition of mettle of the armed forces have been dexterously re-sculptured within the last three to four decades were joint operations have become the norm for mutually magnifying the military prowess of States. Modern warfare and diplomatic relationships have necessitated that nations agree in unison to superlatively augment each other’s competence through osmosis of its resources primarily in military operations. Joint Exercises is a fundamental aspect of Military Diplomacy in the current geo-political locus as some States are known to jeopardise the paradigm of amity in the regional and global affairs. Hence, it has become imperative for States espousing for political and diplomatic tranquility to yoke with other analogous and prodigiously formidable States for Joint Exercises for efficacious Military Diplomacy to fortify the respective national interests.

DSA June 2016 edition, ‘Joint Exercises - Value of Military Diplomacy’ is here. To access its Cover Page, Editorial Pages and Content Pages, you may follow the DSA web link:

Many Ways Of ‘Power Projection’
Vice Admiral Pradeep Chauhan (Retd)

Regrettably, India is more often than not, reactive and frequently, its strategic-level game-plays are ‘too-little-too-late’. Numerous opportunities have been lost – many in critical locations such as Djibouti, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Qatar and Oman – largely due to the ungainliness and discomfiture India seems to demonstrate when required to ‘play’ proactively at the ‘strategic table’ … To read more please follow the DSA web link:


Military Diplomacy And National Interests

Air Chief Marshal Fali Homi Major (Retd)

Let it suffice to say that today’s world is characterised by the changing power equations with new, emerging and re-emerging power centres which constantly need realignments and adjustments. New friends, new opportunities, new adversaries, altered threat perceptions and emerging conflict situations will remain the order of the day in the foreseeable future. In this very complex and ever-changing world, Military Diplomacy if used correctly and coherently can pay very rich dividends … To read more please follow the DSA web link:

Many Dimensions Of Interactions
Amb Dr Kanwal Sibal

Military diplomacy has many dimensions. It includes defence alliances, military bases, arms exports, arms aid, licensed arms production, co-development and co-production of equipment, joint exercises on land, air and sea, patrolling in the air and sea, maritime cooperation, military training, servicing of equipment and so on. Such links bring countries together strategically. In India’s case, the content of our military diplomacy cannot be as wide-ranging given our relatively limited military capacities … To read more please follow the DSA web link:


A Component Of Military Diplomacy
Lt Gen Satish Nambiar (Retd)

It is imperative that the military dimension of Comprehensive National Power be factored into the formulation of our foreign policy objectives. In the immediate region, it would be useful to get off the high pedestal we have placed ourselves on, shed the patronising approach we seem to have mastered over the years and evolve mutually acceptable working relationships with our neighbours … In the recent past we have invariably indulged more in rhetoric than in action … It would be useful for joint working groups comprising the diplomats and selected military personnel to inter-act at the international level … To read more please follow the DSA web link:


Joint Training – How It Enhances Value Of India’s Military Diplomacy
Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain (Retd)

Joint military training is virtually limitless in scope. It however, requires extensive preparation and lead time with no leeway given to inadvertent mistakes in the diplomatic or military domain. As the world continues to look for the elusive new world order, initiatives such as joint military training will play their role in building strategic partnerships and providing the glue for a lasting diplomatic relationships … To read more please follow the DSA web link:


The Need To Restructure Institutional Framework
Lt Gen Kamal Davar (Retd)

Foremost, the government must give adequate participation in national strategy and national security issues to the Defence Services. It will be in the larger interest of the nation if in the formulation of national strategy, the requisite synergy between the MEA, MoD and the Armed Forces is achieved. The energetic pursuit of the Military Diplomacy and defence cooperation with nations of interest to India will thence be a natural corollary … To read more please follow the DSA web link:

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