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Tuesday November 19, 2019

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Prime Minister Modi Receives Former Israeli President Shimon Peres

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Israel's former President Mr. Shimon Peres with Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi


New Delhi, 6th November, 2014: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, hosted today in New Delhi, former Israeli President, Mr. Shimon Peres. The two leaders discussed in length various ways for cooperation in the fields of counter-terrorism, infrastructure, water, agriculture, health, science and technology.

PM Modi, greeted President Peres warmly and said that he is very impressed by Israel and its achievements and that India values Israel's contribution in developing advanced technologies. Modi remarked that Israel combines innovation, creativity and courage that had brought solutions in various fields to India and to many other countries around the world. Modi mentioned his close experience with the Israeli capabilities and solutions while visiting Israel as a CM of Gujarat in 2006 and said that the relations between both sides are an example of a real partnership. PM Modi also mentioned that the Indian Jews who had emigrated to Israel form a special link between both nations.

President Peres congratulated the Prime Minister on his victory in the elections and expressed deep appreciation for the ambitious programmes launched by the Prime Minister. President Peres said, "Israel sees India as its "elder sister" - both nations are democracies with rich and long history that goes back thousands of years, who also yearn for a better future. I found in PM Modi a World Leader, a true partner confronting global challenges, and a friend of Israel." He further added, "I came here as a great friend and admirer of India, Indian history and culture and also as a partner, and it is a great privilege for me to meet you here in Delhi. Referring to PM Modi, Peres added that his host is leading a "Third Revolution" following the steps of Great Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharal Nehru and leading India and it's people to a better future.״

On the issue of counter-terrorism, Mr. Peres said that a way to pre-empt terror should be done, amongst others, by educating the next generations against hate and incitement. President Peres said, "Terror is a common challenge to both Israel and India. We must fight those extremists who target innocent civilians in the name of religion."

PM Modi and former President Peres discussed the joint Israeli-Indian-Australian project of food and water security to be launched on Friday. On this issue, Mr. Peres said, "The State of Israel was born into poverty and swamps and out of sheer necessity, lack of natural resources and hostile environment it became a prosperous and vibrant hi tech power. Israel had successfully created a strong agriculture sector, water infrastructure and capabilities and some of the most advanced medical technologies in the world. We would like to continue our close partnership and cooperation with India, share the knowledge and experience both countries have for the future and prosperity of both our people."


Source: Embassy of Israel, New Delhi, India

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