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Tuesday November 19, 2019

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DRDO’s Parachute System for Recovery of Mission Crew Capsule

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The successful launch of GSLV MK3 by ISRO from Sriharikota yesterday, to validate Moon Mission Crew Capsule Recovery system equipped with advanced parachute system designed and developed by ADRDE (Aerial Delivery R&D Estt), an Agra based lab of DRDO proved the efficacy and reliability of the parachute system. The parachute deployment system functioned perfectly and achieved the required descent rate. ISRO has expressed happiness and thanked ADRDE & DRDO for the support.

ADRDE is the premier DRDO laboratory, one of its kind in the country, specializing in design development and leading to production para drop systems for a comprehensive range of military applications. A large number of such systems such as Combat Free Fall system, heavy drop systems, P 7 & P 16, capable of aerial delivery of payloads up to 7 tons and 16 tons respectively.


Source: DRDO

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