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Thursday July 09, 2020

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COVID-19 has engulfed the entire world and is posing serious health and economic challenges. The government seeks public participation to support the country in the wake of this emergency. This fund will enable micro-donations as a result of which a large number of people can contribute. Even the smallest donation can help make a difference. We are all in this together.



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October 2010 Articles

Naxalism: the malady and the remedy by E N Ram Mohan

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Author: E N Ram Mohan, IPS

Nothing illustrates the abysmal immorality of the state of things than to have a few families mine the land of its minerals and amass huge wealth and political clout even as the miners are paid bare subsistence wages. Worse, the tiller of the land is dying in droves. If Naxalism is a threat to national security, remove the threat which, ironically, is not Naxalism or Maoism but the poverty, which every anecdote shows, spawns Naxalism.


Cyber Warfare: Offensive Defence by Lt Gen Aditya Singh

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Author: Lt Gen (Retd) Aditya Singh

It is an esoteric world designed for war without bloodshed. There are no prisoners-of-war, just dead nations that, most likely, will know what hit them a few moments before collapsing. The only realisation of an attack is when the symptoms occur like the explosion in an oil pipeline caused by a sleeper cell implanted in the software.


A letter to the Indian Air Force by Air Chief Marshal S P Tyagi

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Author: Air chief Marshal (Retd) S P tyagi

Dear Indian Air Force,
You were born in 1932. I in 1945. You are 78 years old - I am 65. With each passing day we both get older. I joined you as a teenager in 1963 and we have shared much together. In many ways we continue to grow our beautiful relationship - an affair that will never end. Now I truly understand the meaning of "Till Death Do Us Part".


The Chinese hauteur by Maj Gen G D Bakshi

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Author: Maj Gen (Retd) G D Bakshi

China is now taking concrete steps to project its power through Jammu and Kashmir into the North Arabian Sea. India will have to do something about it or forever remain a power of low-level equilibrium as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh put it. For one thing it should reiterate that the whole of the former princely state is an integral part of India and, at the same time revise its stance on Tibet. Merely stamping stapled visa sheets may send a signal but China must be turned inwards if it is to be stopped.


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