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Thursday July 02, 2020

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October 2019

Will Religion or Money Trigger Sour Times?

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Author: Dr Navniit Gandhi

The fears that Pakistan risks losing its sovereignty to China may be based on emotions today, but the fact remains that China was intent on acquiring the Gwadar Port and other strategic locations in PoK and it has wrested that control. How will Pakistan resist further erosion of its sovereignty over key resources and locations, and even quell the flared-up inter-provincial resentment over the Chinese inroads, remains to be seen… Will the alarmingly mounting burden of debt servicing and the severe implications of the rising import bill on all sectors of the economy be the trigger?

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Major Must Match Economic Growth

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Author: Vice Admiral Arun K Singh

India needs to review its policies and postures. The recent announcement by Prime Minister Modi about creation of a CDS (Chief of Defence Staff) and a public hint by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh that India could retook at its NFU (No First Use) nuclear doctrine are indications that the political leadership of India is becoming aware of the urgent need for a change in how India has looked at its national security since 1947. Unfortunately, the future security environment is not good. India, like China and USA, will have to realise that Peninsular India’s security and economic growth are firmly linked to the sea.

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Rafales, Apaches, Chinooks: Raise IAF Potency

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Author: Cmde (Retd) Ranjit B Rai

With inductions in the near future, the IAF will witness an exponential increase in potency and state-of-art equipment in its fighter platforms to deter India’s neighbours. IAF’s continued primacy, not only in the sphere of military aviation but air power which is a constituent of Aerospace Power, and ISRO’s launching of Project Chandrayaan II to the moon makes India a potent Aerospace Power.

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IAF Profile After Balakot

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Author: Air Mshl Anil Chopra


Unfortunately, bulk of IAF’s Capital allocation will be used for committed liabilities of earlier purchases such as Apache and Chinook helicopters, Rafale, LCA and S-400. IAF is a technology intensive service. Airborne systems reach obsolescence earlier. Also, airborne systems have flight safety issues and cannot be stretched beyond a point. IAF will need out-of-budget funds for new acquisitions.

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Author: Team DSA

Will CISF acquire drones for surveillance-in-depth in hostile territory? The CISF has not been mandated with offensive operations against LWE elements. However, CISF has been assigned to extend security to installations located in LWE affected areas, within its limits. Within the area of responsibility in these installations, effective on ground surveillance system is already in place. Option of airborne early warning system shall be explored as per guidelines in this regard keeping in view the threat perception, in future.

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