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Sunday February 23, 2020

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Future Armoured Vehicle India

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Future Armoured Vehicle India | 6 April 2016 | London, United Kingdom

The armoured vehicle is at the heart of all ground based defence operations and continues to be an essential asset of the Indian Armed Forces. With ongoing modernisation announced, and the likelihood of 2,500 new Armoured Vehicles being procured in the coming 18 months, never has there been a more exciting time for international defence industry to try and get into this highly active market place. Whether it be pitching for midlife upgrades of the BMP-2 vehicles or seeking to be selected as a partner or component provider for the new FUTURE INFANTRY COMBAT VEHICLE (FICV) and FUTURE READY COMBAT VEHICLE (FRCV), this master class will provide you access to key information on who to contact and how best to engage with the Mechanised Forces, the team behind the Armoured Vehicle fleet of the Indian Army. Not only will our expert leader describe in detail the existing and forthcoming offset arrangements needed to enter this lucrative market, but he will also outline how the various stakeholders collaborate to make decisions on procuring Armoured Vehicle Systems and Technology.
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