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Saturday October 19, 2019

Current Issue: October 2019

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Prisons & Correctional Facilities Asia

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Defence and Security - Prison Asia

1) New Age Prison
Question: how can you move your prison towards becoming a new age correctional facilities and rehabilitation centre?
Answer: (Design of rehabilitation facilities) best practices for site selection, design and meeting the requirements of the specific prison and detention facility (hardware)

2) New Age security
Question: Can correctional facility feel like a rehab centre but as secured as a prison?
Answers: What are latest security devices that are adopted by the best facilities globally (access controls/ mobile ph tracking/ jamming devices/ perimeter security etc.) (Hardwar

3) Software
Question: Can prisons / correctional facilities be Efficient?
Answer: Training and Operations Management: Improving the skillsets of prison officers and the management of operations to ensure smooth day to day activities of prisons, correctional and detention facilities.

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