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Thursday July 02, 2020

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COVID-19 has engulfed the entire world and is posing serious health and economic challenges. The government seeks public participation to support the country in the wake of this emergency. This fund will enable micro-donations as a result of which a large number of people can contribute. Even the smallest donation can help make a difference. We are all in this together.



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Police and Security Forces Modernisation | Threats and Challenges ahead.

Needed clarity about greatest threat to Internal Security: Modernisation of forces to tackle the challenges by Prakash Singh

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Author: Prakash Singh, IPS (Retd)
“The jihad is not about Kashmir only ... About 15 years ago, people might have found it ridiculous if someone had told them about the disintegration of the USSR. Today, I announce the break-up of India, Insha-Allah. We will not rest until the whole (of) India is dissolved into Pakistan”
~ Hafiz Saeed


Change to Modernize by Manvendra Singh

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Author: Manvendra Singh
Asuccinct but incisive analysis of what ails our Police Force and CPOs today. An officer from one of the state polices sidesteps into a key command or staff appointment in one of the CPOs, or even the NSG. This to and fro between the state and CPO has had an impact on the functioning of both services, negatively.


Why India’s mega cities need to be protected? by Nitin Gokhale

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Author: Nitin Gokhale
"The police stations in the country are, today, virtually unconnected islands. Thanks to telephones and wireless and especially thanks to mobile telephones, there is voice connectivity between the police station and senior police officers, but that is about all.


The Enemy within: National Security cannot be a Law and Order issue by Pathikrit Payne

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Author: Pathikrit Payne
A hard hitting article which talks of a need for transformation in the leadership of police and CAPFs engaged in difficult Counter-Insurgency operations against the Maoists in dense jungle terrain. The old managerial style of police leadership has to change to an inspirational, military style of leadership from the front, as former DG CRPF Mr Vijay Kumar was trying so hard to usher in.


Crash Proof Barriers against Vehicle Based Attacks by Paul Jeffrey

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Author: Paul Jeffrey
The writer considers the growing need for physical protection and looks at the range of options available. Physical protection may include rising arm barriers, road blockers, sliding armoured gates plus bollards and fencing.


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