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Tuesday July 16, 2019

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Publisher and CEO Blog - Pawan Agrawal Blog

Sri Lanka Attacks Need For Joint Action Plan

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For the past few decades the entire globe has been afflicted by the twin curses of global warming and global terrorism. While scientists are trying their best to find out the reasons for and solutions to counter the global warming phenomenon, the entire world’s policy and decisions-makers in the governments, police and security forces are occupied in finding the connections and nexus between the fountainheads and sleeper cells in the many global terror networks. Unfortunately, there has been a drastic and rapid change in the operations and the strategies and formations of the newer terrorist outfits across the globe

We have seen the scenario in Afghanistan, Nigeria, Russia, European countries and even the US, and, how badly these States were affected by the etrrorist activities. The common man as well as entire governments were shaken up by th eoperations of the global terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, LeT, Islamic State, Paksitan’s ISI and Taliban, Black Widows, Boko Haram and Jaish e Mohammad to name a few. Aisa has been, by and large, the main continent for the operations of all these terrorist groups.

India has long been a major target of the terrorist groups pampered by the Pakistan army and its intelligence wing, ISI. If we talk about the SAARC nations, almost all the member nations have been directly affected by terrorism. Sri Lanka, for many decades, suffered the depredations of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eealm and suddenly, last month, Islamic jihadists showed their presence there with a ghastly series of attacks that made the world wonder how to deal with the scourge.

The recent attacks in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday illustrate how dramatically the image of the terrorist has shifted from the deprived of the community to well-educated and financially sound entities indoctrinating themselves to such heights as to sacrifice themselves in the process of mass brutal murder.

The investigations later revealed that a local Muslim businessman and his family were directly responsible for these killings. It was also revealed htat this business family was also in touch with the Islamic State Chief and that it helped organise the initial training to the jehadis in India through their connections in this counrty. This shows that the ultimate connectivity of the terrorist attacks was also somehow linked with the terrorist groups in operation in India.

Now the big question is how to control such nexus between certian business people and the terrorist groups who mastermind attacks and disturb the peace anytime anywhere. Financial Action Task Force (FATF) that is investigating Pakisatn’s role in terror-funding is but a microcosmic effort. It needs to be expanded and strentghened. I think that all the affected nations should immediately form a joint action force with a central command headquarters equipped with all the latest technologies, arms and ammunitions and above all, a strong sharing networking zone where all information iss hared by all the affected States for swift action and counter-attack on the terrorist groups. I am aware that this might take some time in the making but given the manner in which the terrorists have spread out across the globe such unified action could well be the answer.

This edition is focussed on the recent attacks on Sri Lanka and how the scenario has changed and how it has a connection with India. Our experts have given their candid thoughts for your brainstorming, dear reader!

Jai Hind!


“India’s Lead to the world”

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The evening of 23 May 2019 brought a new message to the entire world that India is now going to lead the world to bring peace, prosperity and development on the globe. It is not a mere victory of a political party but it’s a victory of all those who wish for peace and prosperity on earth. Every country has various ways of electing their governments and the same is the case with India too. India has seen some 15 General Elections so far after independence but this election of 2019 has been completely different in many different ways. This was the first election of its kind where people have voted above the religion, caste and creed and just kept one single point in their minds while casting their vote:


Maximising Security Helicopter Command

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The dynamics of transportation, both military and civilian, have undergone a sea-change since rotary-wing vehicles, known as helicopters, made their debut at around the middle of World War II. More and more helicopters are being used both for direct aerial combat as well as for transportation of men and material propelled by an increasing density of road traffic; congestion at existing airfields, and, as in the case with India, where road transportation is stymied by the difficulties of road and bridge construction in the high Himalayan battlefields. At rapid pace, the feasibility (and necessity) of using unmanned drone rotary winged vehicles from the very heavy lift to miniscule eyes-in-the-sky surveillance platforms is being demonstrated.


What Next Against Terrorism?

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For how long must India exercise restraint in the face of the proxy war being conducted jointly by Pakistan and China? It has been more than three decades that we have exhibited the highest level of patience and have lost more than 90,000 persons, both in uniform and civilians, to terrorist attacks. It is not that we have not countered their attempts strongly enough but we have not taken steps to inflict condign punishment on the instigators and masterminds operating from inside Pakistani held territory, both in J&K and along the International Border.


Adequate Budget For Defence

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Defence budget is the most vital element of the budget of the Union of India. Without adequate budgetary provisions for defence requirements, it is not at all possible for the defence forces to fight the challenges, prevailing as of now, for the world’s biggest democratic country like India. After Independence, the scenario for our country has changed drastically to a two-front war with both our adversaries also instigating terror strikes with the intention of undermining Indian unity and cohesiveness through a low-cost game-plan of ‘death by a thousand cuts’ of the kind just perpetrated in Pulwama. Though successive governments have tried to empower the defence forces, the outlays for defence have proved to be inadequate to deal with the prevailing challenges.

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