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Tuesday September 18, 2018

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Publisher and CEO Blog - Pawan Agrawal Blog


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What a new record has been set up by Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, by being elected! It is for the first time in the history of Asian politics that any sportsman has reached the level of a Prime Minister. Congratulations to him!

The foremost lesson that a sportsperson imbibes during his / her tenure on the playing field is team spirit. It is only this quality that ensures that the sportsperson attains the highest level in the chosen field and earns name and fame. I believe that Imran Khan had learnt this in the initial stage of being a cricketer and only his team spirit made him an icon of cricket in the world.

Now that he is the Prime Minister of Pakistan he has a much bigger field to play. But the sole question is that will he be able to maintain that same spirit as the Prime Minister? The situation under which he has been elected as the supreme leader in Pakistan assembly is already quite dicey due to the interference of the Pakistan Army.

A real sportsman always honours the opposite team and its members in the spirit of fair play. The situation in Pakistan is well known to the world and I doubt if he will be able to maintain the same team spirit as the PM within the country and outside and especially with India.

It is a big challenge for this sportsman to play fair with India due to the pressure of three factors: Pakistan Army, the Inter-Services Intelligence and Islamic terrorist outfits in Pakistan. I think if he is able to maintain his spirit to manage these factors of concern to India, only then every cricket lover will salute him. But if he is unable to do so then it will be a very tough time for Pakistan, its society and moreover, its economy which is already dwindling.

India and Pakistan have been cricket lovers and will always be so but at the same time are big time rivals in the geopolitical arena. We still have big hopes from the cricket icon to play fair with India in all respects in his new role.

This edition has been focussed on the outcome of Pakistan’s recent elections and the way forward which will enable you to understand its impact on India’s national security. I hope you will find many interesting and informative facts in this edition.

Happy reading!



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For any effective outcome of any activity, a good health is required. It encompasses proper diet, sleep and precautions against diseases for every human being. And when it comes to any military force, it becomes more important that the force personnel’s health is perfect in all manners. Be they at the border or at any other ground duty. Their health plays a vital role in keeping the national security upright and tight.



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South Asia is in a state of flux. Since the end of colonialism in the region, India has held the pre-eminent position even though it was flanked by pro-US military pact countries – the Central Treaty Organisation (CENTO) and the Southeast Asia Treaty Organisation (SEATO) – in which Pakistan played a central role ostensibly to contain Soviet communism but it carried out a sideshow of hostility against India based on the obvious illegality of the Two-Nation Theory.



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What came to be perceived as an Arab Spring germinating in Tunisia has been hijacked by external powers to cause mayhem in the West Asia-Middle East salient. India, which geographically appears to be situated at a safe distance from this volatile epicenter, has had a long history of cultural, trade and political interactions with the imploding nation-States of this region. It is, thus, seeing the ghosts that could also visit us. Europe has already felt the backlash in the form of terrorist attacks. So, distance is no longer a barricade against disasters and communications and insidious messaging that can brainwash a fertile imagination and lead to undeclared wars.



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The procurement of weapons and munitions for the armed forces has become an exercise in self-delusion. The French Rafale fighter aircraft contract held out to be a paragon of government-to-government deals is still stuck in the price negotiation phase and the first lot of fully operational aircraft is still nowhere on the horizon. The much-touted policy of ‘Make-in-India’ has already shown signs of ending up as another “licence produced” regime whereby knowhow about use of equipment may be exchanged by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) but technology will not be shared.

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