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Sunday April 05, 2020

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Necessity - The Mother of Invention

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Any progress and development is based on the truism: “Necessity is the mother of invention”. I am deeply impressed by the edicts of Chanakya and had adopted his quotation as the Mission Statement of DSA. He wrote: “The Power of a King lies in his mighty Arms …. Security of the citizens at peacetime is very important because State is the only saviour of the men and women who get affected only because of negligence of the State.”

Defence and Security have been the two very important and enduring ‘necessities’ of life down the ages. DSA has, in this edition, made an indepth analysis of how the Indian nation state has failed to make the necessary ‘inventions’/acquisitions to ensure the security of the people against emerging threats. One such failure is in the absence of modernisation of the police force to meet the emerging threats even as the habitat has grown both horizonatally and vertically and the narrative has shifted swiftly to ‘mega cities’ and ‘smart cities’ in this day and age of urban guerrilla warfare and Internet instigated violence.

The ‘mighty arms’ of the modern nation state are its military, paramilitary and police, each operating within their designated ambience. The police is the context of modern ‘mega’ and ‘smart cities’ and how it is managed and maintained illustrates its relevance to modern times.

Our police forces are still governed by laws written by Britain to sustain its Empire. It is shocking and unfortunate that not much has been done by the past governments to modernise our Police and Security Forces. So I can say that in the face of the growing new necessities the Indian nation state has failed to make the requisite inventions in the criminal justice system, the material wherewithal and the management of the Security establishment to confront the existentialist problems.

When anti-national elements have increased, they have ganged-up and developed a nexus with each other and have equipped their cadres with the latest weapons, arms and ammunition and communication technologies, then why are our forces still not equipped with the best technologies to handle the counter-insurgency and counter-terrorist operations in the country? The past government introduced a special fund of some thousand crores of rupees for each year with guidelines to all the State governments for the modernisation of Police but unfortunately the fund was hardly ever used for the intended purpose in a planned manner. Thus our police forces are still compelled to use the obsolete weapons, arms and ammunition and with no interceptive gadgets and strong telecommunication devices to counter and deal with a menacingly equipped opponent.

I am sure that the current government is reviewing this matter very seriously and sincerely not because it has to upturn the decisions of the past government but to actually empower our police to secure the nation and its people from all sorts of inimical anti-national elements in every part of the country.

The announcement of the current government to create 100 Smart Cities in the country in the next few years is a big step which will enable the people to have access to all the modern services for comfortable living. A lot of new infrastructure will be developed, millions of people with different cultures, languages and backgrounds will be living in these smart cities. And for a peaceful and harmonious environment in these smart cities the most important factor will be to protect their inhabitants from any kind of threat to their lives and their belongings be it by natural or man-made disasters (as in a CBRN environment).

So it is very important that this concept of Prime Minister Modi should not go in vain and we actually are able to establish the first hundred smart cities which can be increased in the years to come for the overall progress of India.


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