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Sunday April 05, 2020

Stay @ Home For Your Own Security

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Integrity of National Security

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In the absence of a documented National Security Doctrine, we the citizens tend to interpret the elephant of SECURITY according to our own diverse perceptions. Worse still, we either ignore or fail to recognise the threats posed by external enemies and internal turbulence. Without prevarication, the national objective since Independence has always been a desire for peaceful coexistence with our neighbours and a cohesive amicability in the diversity of India with the noble intention of fostering growth and development while strengthening our rightful place among the comity of nations.

We have a plethora of Security institutions under the command of Central and State governments to deal with external threats and internal disturbances respectively. They are growing by the day, albeit haphazardly and erratically, in post ipso facto recognition of a growing and present danger. But the vexatious questions continue to hang on our heads like the proverbial sword … Are the Indian borders impregnable and inviolable? Are the citizens safe? Are our women and children safe? The threats and challenges confronting India have intimidatingly multiplied in the past two decades. This has not happened overnight!

Negligence at the Centre and State government levels has been paramount. Be it the politicians in power or the bureaucrats who formulate and execute the Security policy. National Security has never been taken seriously and earnestly, resulting in the alarmingly precarious situations of Naxal prone States, the daily assaults in Jammu and Kashmir and the unacceptable circumstances of Northeastern States. These threats have started percolating to the adjoining States too; which is depressingly frightening.

It is the responsibility of the Nation State to educate its citizens about Security and how to manage it. It should involve the citizens, especially the women of the country to create awareness and propagate the importance of National Security among their families and workplaces and inspire men and young minds against being victims of any security threat. I believe that along with the government and security Agencies, each individual can also play an important role in National Security by being AWARE and ALERT.

Why is it that most of the times each individual thinks only about his/her security?

Is it not possible to convert this ‘I’ into ‘WE’?!! It does not suffice to say: “All is well by the grace of God”. I think we need to be more realistic and pragmatic in our approach to National Security. It is high time that we stop cribbing and grumbling for the challenges of a peaceful existence and start educating ourselves on how we can identify common threats and start working to counter them.

With this edition, DSA completes six years of its existence! Team DSA is committed to the momentous objective of creating awareness and empowering our citizens along with policy and decision-makers to be more aware and alert about the security of our nation. This edition highlights the many facets of National Security and analyses important aspects and policies for Securing Smart Cities, which is the dream project of our Prime Minister. Our quest to publish thought provoking content and hard hitting facts on topics of defence and security continues unabated. We solicit your comments and critique.

Jai Hind!


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