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Sunday April 05, 2020

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Sentinels Nonpareil

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Armies are known worldwide for a special reason and that is their hardcore discipline. The first and mandatory step for all recruits who join the Army is to indoctrinate discipline in their lives from the moment they don olive greens. As a matter of fact, this passion for discipline stays with them even after retirement from the force. This very strong, impressive and motivating personality trait also reflects in their communities and society. In case of the Indian Army, while discipline is the bedrock of this force, the fact remains, that an amalgamation of the diversity of the nation as a whole sets it apart from other military establishments all over the world.


Kargil illustrated how men from different regions of India showed grit, guts and iron discipline to relentlessly dislodge entrenched Pakistani terrorists from their Motherland; and many United Nations Peacekeeping Missions around the troubled world applauded for their intrinsic humane approach to their responsibilities. These are rare qualities of head and heart and are the hallmark of the Indian Army.

India with so many different castes, creeds and credos has an Army that has absorbed all of them so well that it has become a perfect example of social and communal harmony, not shared by other Armies of the world. It is the only Army where all religions get the same respect and all religious festivals are celebrated with the same enthusiasm and fervour … again a rare and commendable attribute of the Indian Army.

This is a big factor for the excellent performance of our Indian Army in war fighting, peacekeeping/peacemaking international obligations and in disaster management assistance to civil authority within the country. This harmony has played a stellar role in the performance of Indian Army personnel during peacetime as well as during the war. Their abilities, calibre and competence during natural calamities like floods in Jammu and Kashmir and the more recent unprecedented rains in Chennai within the country, or rescue operations during devastating earthquake in Nepal, have been outstanding and exemplary.

The slogan of Indian Army, SEVA ASMAKAM DHARMA was adopted as the motto of the institution as these words enshrine the noble Indian ethos of ‘Service’. The path of service in Indian culture and philosophy has from time immemorial, been the path of the ultimate realisation and salvation: ‘Service is our Creed’. This mission makes the Indian Army unique in the annals of defence forces.

The organisational structure of the Indian Army is so strong and cohesive that it works like a big family supportive of each other at all times. The Indian Army is synonymous with its commitment to the Motherland along with its safeguarding prowess during attacks on international borders and insurgencies within the national borders. The units of Indian Army work for the welfare of the habitants in the far-flung areas by providing them security as well as education, health and medical facilities which creates a perfect bonding between Army personnel and citizens of the region.

Every Indian is proud of the Indian Army and its commitment to the safety and security of 1,250 million Indians. Team DSA salutes our soldiers in olive greens and wishes them outstanding success in their endeavours to provide lethal defence against external aggression and dispassionate security within the country.

Jai Hind!


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