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Tuesday November 19, 2019

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DSA - Journey so far - Anniversary Special

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Our heartiest greetings and best wishes to Indian Air Force on the occasion of IAF day

Dear readers,

DSA was conceived and visualised very spontaneously. The journey started with a thought. And the trigger was 26/11 and its aftermath. It took just a couple of weeks to fine-tune the idea and publish the inaugural issue of the magazine with a very small team and today it's a matter of great pleasure to share with you that DSA has completed one year since its inception and this is the 13th issue in your hands.

It was possible only because of guidance and complete support of renowned experts of defence and security who have served their motherland – our Bharat for a long time and it will be eminently correct if I say that they have devoted and sacrificed their whole life for the cause of defence and security of our country. For DSA they are the real Heroes. I salute each one of them and I wish I could mention all their names in this article but their list is so long that it does not seem possible for me and I am afraid that I may miss some names.

It was well-nigh impossible to bring out DSA without their support and guidance as I remember how all of them have supported this mission. Many a times, these Heroes have given their articles at the shortest notice from me. We all at DSA really feel indebted to them. We are giving a brief profile of all our contributors and names of their articles recognising their great support to the 12 issues of DSA published so far.

It was not an easy task to shift from Hindi literature which has been my forte to English journalism and that too in a completely new niche area. Many doubted if we would get the relevant and worthy articles for the magazine and we will be able to sustain the quality and standards. But we resolutely started the journey which is now gaining momentum and touching new horizons with every issue. Our readers are appreciating the efforts we are making and a collection of the treasured testimonials is included in this edition for your information.

I feel it imperative to express my thanks to my entire team without whose hard work, dedication and commitment DSA would not have become a successful magazine in the defence and security genre in so short a time.

To begin with I am thankful to our Editor-in-Chief Mr. Manvendra Singh who has been taking all pains from day one in framing the DSA policies, selection of themes of every issue, selection of senior experts and inviting them to write for us and then zealously keeping an eye on every development and guiding the team in all possible manner in spite of his other commitments. I am sure DSA will become one of the best magazines in its genre under his guidance.

I am thankful to Mr. K J Singh, our Corporate Consultant who has been advising us every moment as to how the magazine can be improved and established. DSA could not have been published in its present form without his advice. Our Art Consultant Ms. Divya Gupta has been a great source of encouragement, new ideas and creative inputs in shaping the contours of the magazine in spite of her other commitments. It was her vision which brought this revolutionary dimension in defence and security journalism.

I also express my thanks to Ms. Monika Kanchan, our Manager, Corporate Communications who has been supporting me in all ways possible to establish DSA as a unique brand in the defence and security journalism genre to make it a successful venture. I am also thankful to our circulation team which is headed by Mr. Prem Gupta who has been contributing his best efforts for the visibility and availability of DSA across the country. Our creative head Mr. Vivek Pant is playing a wonderful innings with DSA to improve its overall presentation and I am thankful to him for making it more impressive in every issue. Our production team also deserves a bunch of thanks especially Mr. Dabeer and Mr. Dilshad. My close associates Ranjeet Singh and Vikas have been great support since day one. They have also been a big support to DSA in maintaining and managing all day to day affairs.

I welcome new DSA team members Mr. Manish Upadhyay as our Senior Manager, Sales and Mr. Vivek Ojha as Deputy Manager, Sales. I am sure with their long and varied experience DSA will scale new heights in the coming months and years.

I am also thankful to all my previous associates who gave their best to shape the magazine in the initial stages from Ms. Sanghamitra Mondal, Ms. Puja Raina, Ms. Sweta, Ms. Shilpi, Mr. Rohit Srivastava, Mr. Vipin to Mr. Garvit who extended their best support during their association with DSA. I owe my thanks to each one of them as well at the completion of one year of DSA. I cannot, in this anniversary issue, forget their respective contributions in its evolution.

Jammu and Kashmir has always been a part of India and will always be. No matter whatever these so called leaders like Geelani, Mirwaiz, Yaseen Malik etc. - who are creating hatred in the region and are responsible for the bloodshed - say or do. These people are trying to create another Afghanistan in the region for their existence only as they believe that if such bandhs and agitations continue then only they can survive in Kashmir. Have they ever organised any agitation for the cause of better life for the people of Kashmir for education, health and other important amenities? No, never.

The central government has to be tough with these people immediately otherwise things will go out of hand. The only way out is to arrest these so called leaders, put them in separate dark jails in different parts of the country and keep them there for years. The government should conduct a surgery for this ailment at the earliest and should not be scared of bleeding as in every surgery there is likely to be some bleeding. Its better to go for a surgery rather than keep on giving sweet pills of packages which are no more effective in curing the disease. These people are enjoying these pills instead of getting cured for years. I am confident that nothing untoward will happen because of this surgery. Kashmir is the crown of our country and we have to save it whatever the cost and we must conduct this surgery to save it. Why are we scared of any mass agitation or any interference by any country? This is our internal matter and we have to solve it without any further delay and loss of innocent lives. India is strong enough to face such challenges but I am sure if we don’t do this immediately, the situation may deteriorate beyond redemption as we all see happening next door in Afghanistan.

DSA released various special issues in the first year. Our readers who could not come across all the issues will get a glimpse of the first 12 issues in this edition. I am happy to share that almost all the issues have been sold out and we have very few copies left with us as our office copies. But you may procure the online editions of these issues for your reading pleasure and reference purposes. This also shows that our initial efforts in this direction were taken seriously by discerning readers which proves that people are interested in this niche subject too. This support also gives us confidence to make DSA a more meaningful and worthy magazine in all forthcoming editions.

In the end on behalf of Team DSA, I assure you dear readers that DSA is not just a business venture; it's a mission to make India safe and secure and its people more alert towards their security. And I seek your support in this mission. I look forward to more guidance and more support from all corners of India and Indians everywhere as I believe that if we start thinking on this we will start acting too. I have complete confidence in the youth of our country that they are now enlightened with the fact that only India can lead this world in the future but the only thing missing in our society is alertness towards security whether it be personal, social, educational, health, financial, food or above all the security of our sacred nation. So if we all are alert to all aspects of security in our lives we can surely lead this troubled world to an era of peace and prosperity for all. And the world is looking towards us in anticipation.

As the issue is going to press, we see another attempt to tarnish the image of India by targeting the international tourists at the famous holy mosque, the Jama Masjid on Sunday, 19.09.2010. As we all know that India is hosting Commonwealth Games in the next two weeks, this is to create apprehension and doubt among the international players. Also the verdict by the Allahabad High Court is awaited on Babri Masjid dispute on 24.09.2010. This attempt seems to be part of a larger conspiracy to vitiate the atmosphere of communal harmony at this sensitive juncture. But India is not a soft State and our security forces are competent to defeat the nefarious designs of anti-national elements.


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