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Friday January 24, 2020

Current Issue: January 2020

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Partnering With Global Defence Giants

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Today the world’s development and economy are based on two major factors – collaboration and consortium It is analogous to the match-making between two like-minded persons, economies, businesses, industries and sumptuous players. When we scrutinize the history of any advanced economy on the globe, we realise that these nations have reached the pinnacles of development, growth and productivity when they opened their gates for collaboration and allowed their industries and business houses to make consortiums with other like-minded groups and industries in accordance with their requirements under various segments.

India got freedom in 1947 and of course, some measures were taken for the development of the country. Unfortunately, they were quite inadequate and we all see the result today that there are still some sectors where we seriously trail behind countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and many more which are much smaller in size as well as in resources. It was only towards the end of last century that our government realised the importance of consortiums and collaborative efforts and the Indian economy was allowed access to foreign partners. Regrettably, the Defence and Security domain in India which was supposed to be on top priority has still a very long way to go in being self-sustainable.

We would like to believe that equations have changed after the new government came to power in 2014. With conscious attention to strengthen national security, important decisions have been taken to boost the morale of stakeholders in Indian Defence and Security arena. Special measures have been instituted by the current government to encourage collaborative efforts. Some good initiatives have become very lucrative for various industries in a quest to enter the Defence sector. For the first time, many industries in the private sector have demonstrated their dynamism for joint ventures with global leaders in Defence and today we see that Indian industry leaders like Mahindra, Tata, Reliance, Bharat Forge, Larsen and Toubro Ltd, Godrej, Jubilant Aeronautics Pvt Ltd, Bharat Electronics Ltd and others have formed joint ventures with other international giants like Boeing with Tata, Airbus and BAE with Mahindra, Cassidian of Germany with Larsen and Toubro, Thales with Bharat Electronics Ltd, Russia with HAL etc. These joint ventures are going to play a vital role in the future for the national security of India.

This phenomenal metamorphosis has happened as a consequence of tenacious and determined initiatives and government support under the leadership of our Prime Minister Modi who is one of the best visionary leaders we have ever had. His focussed approach and understanding of an immediate requirement to strengthen the Indian Defence apparatus has actually made it possible otherwise most industries were occupied with their family business activities and they never thought of entering the highly competitive and technology-oriented domain of Defence production.

We, at DSA, salute Mr Modi for his guts and enterprising direction in tackling critical issues with result oriented initiatives and we are very sure that in due course of time, India’s national security will be effectively strengthened and our people will feel safe and secure under the current leadership of the country.

Dear Readers, I feel elated and proud that this edition of DSA eulogizes and applauds a living legend, Arjan Singh, Marshal of the Indian Air Force and a perfect personification of the highest amplitude of a bonafide defence officer on his 97th Birthday, 15th April. Marshal Arjan Singh has exemplified patriotism and is synonymous with courage, duty, respect, selfless service, moral values and ethics. He is an embodiment of honour and integrity around the world.

This edition on ‘Partnering with Global Defence Giants’ deliberates on joint ventures for Indian defence along with an analytic and critical appraisal of DefExpo 2016. It is, probably, the first edition of any magazine covering this subject. Our esteemed contributors have tried to highlight the entire gamut of the current defence scenario.

I hope you will like this edition as always and I look forward to your candid feedback to make DSA more readable and acceptable.

Jai Hind

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