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Tuesday January 28, 2020

Current Issue: January 2020

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‘It Takes Two To Make A Row’!

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‘It takes two to make a row’! It is an exalted aphorism to accomplish common endeavours. I had learnt the dictum as a young student, but a robust fondness for it has retained its essence in my life and today I find myself a religious follower of its import in my personal and professional life. This practice has moulded me into what I am today and I staunchly believe that it’s one of the most vital adages which each person, group, community and the nation must unravel to be able to flourish and gain momentum ahead in the future. It’s not a mere maxim but a fervour which bridges entities for congruence in their growth and incessant progress in various ways.
History is replete with illustrations on alliance formations among nations. But the definition of mettle of the armed forces have been dexterously resculptured within the last three to four decades were joint operations have become the norm for mutually magnifying the military prowess of States. Modern warfare and diplomatic relationships have necessitated that nations agree in unison to superlatively augment each other’s competence through osmosis of its resources primarily in military operations.

Joint Exercises is a fundamental aspect of Military Diplomacy in the current geo-political locus as some States are known to jeopardise the paradigm of amity in the regional and global affairs. Hence, it has become imperative for States espousing for political and diplomatic tranquility to yoke with other analogous and prodigiously formidable States for Joint Exercises for efficacious Military Diplomacy to fortify the respective national interests.

India is a developing State in the midst of diverse other states. India has been confronting extrusive and intrusive provocations, so it is met with the dire quintessential compulsion to orchestrate Joint Exercises with symmetrical nations. Born out of the concept of ahimsa (non-violence), India is an amicable State and covets for cordial relations with its neighbours. But at the same time, it has to preserve and consolidate the zeal, exuberance and camaraderie amongst its Defence Forces during peacetime and relay a message globally about its defence preparedness and power to counter any threat to its national security. Over the years, Defence Joint Operations have also aided in redressing the Calamities of Nature as was seen in the case of Tsunami stricken countries.

India has one of the most battle-hardened Armed Forces in the world as, for decades since gaining independence; it has been confronted by overt and covert jeopardy from its neighbours. Its proficiency in mountain warfare, counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations are avidly been sought after and aspired for by other friendly countries and therefore, as a verity it finds its involvement in different joint exercises, an increasing characteristic in its relations with friends near and far.

This edition of DSA has been compiled with the thoughts of our esteemed experts who have been involved in Joint Exercises during their association with the Indian Defence Forces at very senior positions and their thoughts will enable you, dear reader, to appreciate the importance of Joint Exercises for a clear and effective Military Diplomacy. I am sure that this edition will also be a strong reference edition for all who are concerned about national security.


I hope you will like this edition as always and I look forward to your candid feedback to make DSA more readable and acceptable.


Jai Hind

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