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Thursday July 09, 2020

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Special Operations: External And Internal Dimensions

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India has always been a peace-loving State. After the achievement of independence from Britain − bearing in mind through peaceful means in 1947 − the most important priority for the then government was to establish a development process in the country. The Law and Order of the nation was one of the priorities but the Defence and Security of the people and the country took a back seat. Some sporadic efforts were indeed taken for the development in the Defence sector but unfortunately they proved to be too meagre in considering the size of the country and the requirement of modern military wherewithal.


Today, the national security scenario has completely changed and we can comprehend the multifold challenges for the Security Forces across the country. The security threats internally as well as externally have become inter-linked in a complicated knot, in such a way that it has actually become a Herculean task for the Police and the Security Forces to maintain the Law and Order internally and prevent externally instigated infiltration, proxy war and terrorist attacks. Many terrorist groups emerged in the past three decades. They have been targeting the innocent people and government officials or establishments and the police and the Security Forces. These groups were initially operating independently but then in the beginning of the new century, impelled by their foreign handlers in Pakistan and China, they have coalesced and morphed and joined hands with each other. And thus, their operations took a new pan-India shape which actually became a major new threat and challenge to our national security. The flow of information, exchange of arms and ammunition and tactics with each other and coalition with the other criminal groups indulging in smuggling of narcotics, gold, fake currency and human trafficking etc have made the job of policing and internal security fraught with the dangers of disruption.

Pakistan and China have helped these groups with safe havens, training facilities and Intelligence to facilitate their infiltration into India to wreak havoc. The Mumbai attack of 2008 showed how meticulous is the planning and execution of terrorist attacks in India.

Tackling such gruesome threats has in itself, become a special operation by the Special Forces. What should have been only an external dimension intended to “take out” inimical elements operating from foreign shores has also become a requirement to deal with internal terrorist strikes and proxy war (as in Mumbai and Kargil before it) and the Manipur massacre of Indian Army jawans by Naga hostiles operating from Myanmar that led to a Special Operation against hideouts in that country.

Special Operations require Special Forces with much specialised skills and equipment. Given that the external and the internal dimensions have become blurred, it is now incumbent on the government at the Centre and in the States, to determine the commonalities and create the infrastructure and networks (most importantly of shared Intelligence) that will ensure that no matter where the threat erupts the response by our police, Security Forces and Special Forces will be both swift and surgical.

We all have very recently witnessed what has happened on the Eve of Bastille Day, in Nice, Paris. This can happen in India also anytime anywhere. This edition is compiled from the thoughts of our esteemed experts who have had hands-on experience of such operations and I am convinced, that their ideas can be very much beneficial to the people and the nation.


I hope you will like this edition as always and I look forward to your candid feedback to make DSA more readable and acceptable.

Jai Hind



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