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Thursday July 09, 2020

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Need To Be Ruthless Now!

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Nothing has grown as exponentially over the past three decades as communications especially in its ‘tele’ state and the methodology of terrorism. In fact, at this stage of the 21st century there is a confluence and deadly synergy between telecommunications as in the internet and terrorism. The former has become an easy means of radicalisation which manifests itself in the many different ways that terrorism can be executed with increasingly gory results. Internet has changed the whole thought process of the terrorists across the globe. It has actually enabled them not just to communicate much faster and develop relationships with other likeminded forces but also to initiate new subversive tactics for ‘lone wolves’ to act upon independently with a minimum of external logistics support.

Due to the easy access to the internet services across the globe, these terrorist groups have created more likeminded fraternity in every country in which some are quite active whereas some are working ‘underground’ or are in ‘sleeper cell’ mode either waiting for orders to strike at a particular target or just waiting for an opportunity to strike. As the demand has been created so also the supply chains of information, arms and ammunition and finance have also become more organised. Due to these factors, there is a paradigm shift in the activities of the various terrorist groups. There are reports that the terrorists in various countries have developed a syndicate and under this, they are more organised in their operations.

We have seen as how the terrorist groups like the Pakistan Army Inter -Services Intelligence (ISI) – increasingly described as a ‘State-within-a-State’ in Pakistan, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, Haqqani Network, Kataib Hezbollah, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Toiba, Tehrik-i-Taliban have joined hands to operate around the globe. Such is the pervasive nature of the evidence of this coalition of evil that Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh was constrained to point out at the SAARC meeting in Pakistan recently that there is now no room for complacency and smugness over issues like ‘good Taliban’ and ‘bad Taliban’ and spurious distinctions between ‘terrorists’ and ‘freedom fighters’. At the same time, more and more, the world is becoming inflicted by a phenomenon known as ‘lone wolf’ strikes where a single terrorist uses hitherto unsuspected ‘weapons of mass destruction’ as in the case of the use of a delivery truck to trample hundreds of Bastille Day revellers along the promenade at Nice, France.

The most advanced nations of the world are finding themselves helpless in the face of the ‘lone wolf’ phenomenon given that its progenitors have turned the clock back on the military application of ‘radio silence’ during operations. By eschewing the use of communications and giving its cohorts freedom of operation, terror masterminds have made it impossible for governments to monitor the internet for telltale clues of impending attack or retrace the source of attack.

It has thus become very important for the countries and their governments to join hands strongly to counter these emerging trends in terrorism to save humanity from gruesome attacks.

The current edition in your hands, dear readers, will give you more insight on the emerging trends in terrorism and how to counter it. I am sure you will like the edition as always.

I hope you will like this edition as always and I look forward to your candid feedback to make DSA more readable and acceptable.

Jai Hind!



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