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Friday February 21, 2020

Current Issue: February 2020

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Learnt Enough Lessons : Its Time To Appraise National Security

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Learning is an ongoing process in every human life. The moment one stops learning, it’s the end of one’s progress. And what makes us learn? The best teacher for us could be our own mistakes which we commit during any activity or operation.

After the Independence in 1947, when we initiated augmenting our progress in every sector, we probably overlooked to learn lessons while shaping our defence and security apparatus as well as the strategies to counter any attack on our national security. Be it the first attack by the Pakistani Army personnel dressed as ‘tribals’ in 1947 or the wars in 1962, 1965, 1971 and in 1999 in Kargil. Or the attack on the Parliament, the attack on Akshardham temple or the attack on the Hotel Taj, Mumbai; we have been laggards in learning our lessons as the preparedness of our Armed Forces does not suffice and our people ought to be more aware and alert about such attacks. After Kargil, we have incessantly reviewed the whole security scenario but that has not produced much efficacy in warding off the threats hovering over our national security. Had we learnt the lessons, we could have better aligned our defence and security, and diplomacy in relation to our inimical neighbours, particularly Pakistan.

Over the years, we have been confronted by a nexus of terrorist organisations most of which have their base camps in Pakistan. On our part, we have not been able to create an effective bedrock of network establishment amongst police organisations across the States in conjunction with the Ministry of Home, Defence and External Affairs for the creation of actionable Intelligence. In this sluggish milieu, we have had to experience the attack on the Pathankot airbase in January and the Army Base Attack in Uri, September; both in the same year ie 2016. Lately, our forces have had its own maiden Surgical Strike on the 28 September, 2016 against the base camps of the terrorists across the LoC in PoK. The strike led to the killing of several unscrupulous terrorists. But such retaliations, according to me, are not enough for a state like Pakistan. It should be made to pay a bigger price for their continued diabolical attempts to tarnish the national security of our country. Although Pakistan has suffered defeats by India in all the previous wars, it has continued its sinister plot against India and it remains persistent on its artifice of proxy war against us. Therefore, although India is a peace loving nation and it doesn’t have a history for offensive attacks, it is time India launches an aggressive retaliation against Pakistan if it makes any further attempts to disturb our national security, internally or externally so that the whole terrorist network, funded and patronised by Pakistan, is completely destabilised.

Our External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj, professed from the UNGA dais that for the friendship initiatives that India has taken, we have received Pathankot and Uri. Undoubtedly, I agree that we have reached the zenith of endurance and the deceits have necessitated that we stop all dialogues with Pakistan and detach ourselves from engaging in any bilateral ties till it stops the heinous Proxy war perpetrated against the democratic spirit of India. I personally proffer the conviction for shutting down our Embassy and all other diplomatic offices in Pakistan and ask them to do likewise immediately in India; discontinue all the rituals at the Wagah Border, closure of economic ties with Pakistan and other international borders and stop the supply of water through our rivers under the Indus Water Treaty immediately. We need to abolish any room for mercy and aggressively pursue the pathway of ruthlessness with Pakistan henceforth. Walking on this tightrope will require a lot of preparations and reappraisals involving various ministries of the Government of India and the State governments to actually bring it into fruition.

India has also seen drastic paradigm changes in the strategies of the terrorists and their masters sitting in Pakistan and organising sleeper cells across the country. The recent attack in Uri on the Army Base is a result of such changes as these terrorists have launched their focal point of assault on the defence bases rather than, as previously, on the public domain. But there are limits to being pacifists. Some serious measures are now very necessary and I am sure our policy and decision -makers will rise to the occasion.

Another very important factor is dependability for the procurement of various technologies, arms and ammunition for our Armed Forces which has slowed down the process of appraisals and the creation of a strict road-map. After the Independence of nearly seven decades, we are dependent on other countries for the procurements and have not been able to develop our own defence and security industries.

DSA is completing its seven years in October 2016. Its first edition was published in October 2009 with a very small team and with an aim to bring more awareness on the defence and security issues not only among the policy and decision-makers but also among the cognisant population that is directly or indirectly involved in National Security issues. It is time for evaluation as well to assess whether we have achieved the aims and objectives set for the magazine. I can proudly say that yes, team DSA has achieved its goals by its articles, interviews and analyses. The quality of the content and its presentation has been making its magnanimous progress over the years and I assure you, dear readers, that this will be maintained in every forthcoming edition.

DSA was never a money making venture but was a fervent commitment to defence and security worldwide. But managing a world-class magazine is still a big challenge and as a team leader, I have accepted the state of affairs and I am still maintaining the same standards of DSA as it was in its first edition. DSA is committed to excellence in production and its outreach to the concerned. And I am sure that still many organisations will select DSA as their first choice to promote and project their business interests among the senior echelons in the Defence and Security establishment. By and large, in the past seven years, we have covered many subjects of importance for India’s national security. Along with that, we have covered the subjects of international geo-politics and diplomacy. I would like to assure our dedicated readers that they will always find DSA’s mettle on venturing into untouched terrains when it is about Defence and Security worldwide.

I, on behalf of team DSA, wish a great success to the Indian Air Force on its 84th Anniversary on 8 October and I would also like to wish to all, a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali.

Jai Hind!

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