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CEO's Blog - November 2010

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When the whole world is applauding and sharing the fruits of India’s booming economy and prospects of unprecedented growth, some hidden and some not so hidden forces with ulterior motives are trying their best to disturb and destabilise its peaceful progress directly and indirectly.

India has a history of many millennia and has seen many invasions in the past, but has preserved its unity and unique character. The invasions gave us insights about two phenomena: Of Jaichands and of Chanakya. There are Jaichands operating in the corridors of power and the moment is ripe for a Chanakya to emerge from the shadows to chart a course through the dangers posed to the nation from outside as well as from within. Chanakyan sagacity, foresight and statecraft are the needs of the hour and a long term strategy is required to steer the country out of the present quagmire.

We may not be a super power but we have the potential to become one and our neighbours – China and Pakistan – are wary of that potential. There is always an element of competition among humans and between nations, but that does not condone the use of malicious and nefarious means and machinations of destabilisation. We have seen Pakistan use terror as a tool of State policy from the moment of its illegitimate birth and in recent years the veil has lifted from China’s employment of proxies to hurt and destabilise India. The use of terror by these proxies is known to China and is not just condoned but encouraged by it.

As a matter of fact India has never sought to prove that it is well on its way to a super power stature. But it is so self-evident a truth that it disturbs both Pakistan – that is sliding into chaos and political and economic abyss by the day – and China whose rulers know that its millions will sweep them out of existence once they savour the fragrance and joys of democracy and freedom and once their finite resources dwindle and disappear.

One can clearly see that China is working on a long term strategy to attain super power status based on twin pillars – military power and economic power – complementing and sustaining each other. China might have become the second largest economy in the world but it has retrogressed in humanity and human relations as is evident in its rabid opposition to the Nobel Peace Prize being conferred on Liu Xiaobo for the year 2010 by the Norwegian Nobel Committee. This shows how insensitive and ruthless the Chinese government is with its own citizens. Liberty, equality, peace and harmony are the hallmarks of a responsible member of the comity of nations and it is high time China paid attention to these tenets of a responsible nation.

DSA condemns the opposition of the Chinese government to the award of the Nobel Peace Prize being given to its citizen Liu Xiaobo. I am sure every human being who believes in human rights and human dignity and values peace and harmony in the world will join me in condemning the Chinese stand.

The last edition which was the first anniversary issue of DSA was well received by the experts as well as the common readers and I thank you all dear readers for your overwhelming response. DSA China Special is in your hands and I am sure you will enjoy going through this issue also. We will be offering many more special issues in the coming months. So book your copies now or write to our subscription and circulation department directly.

I am happy to inform you of the launch of our new web portal incorporating many world class and user friendly features. I invite you all to visit and let me know how you like the new portal. You are just a click away from your DSA!




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